Run, Debbie, run….

Today is Mother’s Day here in Australia and that means the annual Mother’s Day Classic. This is an event for walkers, runners, families, friends and people of all ages to come together in support of Breast Cancer research. Events are held all over Australia and usually include the colour pink in some form. My daughter & I entered our first run last year and really enjoyed it, so we decided to run in the 5km again this year.  There are thousands involved in each event across the country, all demonstrating their support for this great cause.

It should be noted that I haven’t run very much in recent weeks for one reason and another but I was still keen to do it. Sarah has been running more regularly so was in better shape and showed it by leaving me behind just after the first kilometre.  I managed to walk and run my way through the course around the lake in Canberra, in a pretty good time for me but it was about 2mins slower than last year.

I’m happy with my result considering I had to stop and retie my shoe lace half way around (not trying to make an excuse, just noting). Also the weather was quite windy and cold today which made it a bit tricky.  It was a fun way to spend the morning. I am aiming to run the 5km in under 30 minutes one day but for the moment I’m happy, as at least I’m out there giving it a crack!

I have had a lovely weekend celebrating  Mother’s day with one of my girls and have had messages from the other two who are out of the country.  I have been out shopping to buy some goodies, out for a delicious brunch, just hanging with S & B, and I did a 20km bike ride with my husband before a yummy dinner was cooked for me. I am spoilt!

I’d like to take this opportunity to wish every mother out there a happy day. Enjoy a day of doing whatever takes your fancy which in my case means that I am now sitting around relaxing in my Tardis (Doctor Who fan!) onesie, wearing my Mother’s Day Classic medal and reflecting on how lucky I am.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Deb 🙂

16 Replies to “Run, Debbie, run….”

    1. Oh I didn’t know it was Mother’s Day there as well!! Happy Mother’s Day to you too. Thanks for the comment, I’m a very happy mother to be able to do all that I do 😊


  1. Deb, I think you have just about the best attitude towards running I have ever encountered in a person. Yes, it’s great to have goals, but it’s even better just to get out there and do it! Good on you!!

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  2. It’s Mother’s Day here in the States too! Happy Mother’s Day to you! Great job getting the 5K done. I used to run..and 30 min was my goal for a 5K too. I think maybe I did it one time…just. These days I’d be lucky to finish at all.

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      1. Totally agree with you Debbie 🙂 it is all about being part of things and having a go. I do really love the whole grown up running thing of Personal Best…and of course a PB to me is the enjoyment factor and doing the best we can on the day 🙂 Fantastic run for a wonderful cause.

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