Boom netting fun!


I’m not the sort of girl who enjoys theme park rides, I don’t like heights and I don’t like being scared but I do like an adventure with some thrills involved.  I once won the prize for being the slowest, most cautious person on a quad bike tour in the sand dunes and along the beach (what can I say, it was my 50th birthday and I wanted to ensure I made it to 51).

I’ve walked in Nepal, the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea, cycled in France, Croatia, London, backpacked at a mature age, skied in the Italian Alps, travelled with my 3 daughters when they were very young and have seen some amazing sights around the world on my travels.  (Check out my Travel and Adventure page on my blog).

So what I’m trying to say is that I’m not that much of a wimp despite my scaredy cat image!

During the Christmas break just recently, I added another fun activity to my list of adventures by going boom netting in Jervis Bay NSW (Australia). I’m not usually into water based activities although we have a canoe and take it out on a local lake from time to time and I do love the surf. Maybe it’s simply because we live inland and don’t have that many opportunities.  Anyway we took the opportunity to go boom netting on a sunny summer’s day and it was so much fun!  When I say ‘we’ I mean my husband,my father, my brother and his girlfriend, my daughter and (new) son-in-law. The newlyweds had been given the cruise as a wedding present so we all decided to join them.

My mother, sister and brother-in-law were also with us but didn’t get into the net. Instead they held the towels, took photos of us and brought us warm cups of tea after the event. It was a family event!

The cruise lasted for well over the allotted time but we weren’t complaining as we saw beautiful coastline, learnt about the area’s history and marine life.  We saw dolphins and birds and enjoyed having the fresh air and salt spray in our faces.

During the cruise the crew called for boom netters to make their way to the back of the boat where the net was lowered into the water.  The first group was made up of children with their parents and there was so much wailing and screaming that I started to doubt that I could do it!  Not many of the children enjoyed the experience that much was obvious!  Next it was the adult group and we gingerly climbed into the cold water clinging to the net to find a spot.  It was freezing cold!

We laughed and screamed ourselves silly while the boat picked up speed with each question of faster getting more screams.  My husband had his GoPro and filmed us at various times and I have included a short video. How did it feel?  Well my description is that it was like a cold water, salty, spa bath. I did worry from time to time that one of us would go flying off the net into the water but luckily none of us did.  My father frolicked around in the water like a sea lion and had a ball the whole time except when he got out as he was freezing cold.

I would recommend boom netting as a fun activity on a warm sunny day.  As we we cruised back into the wharf the weather turned nasty and we all ended up getting far wetter leaving the boat than we did while in the boom net. I’m so glad we booked the morning cruise as the afternoon one would have been quite a different experience.

Here’s some of the blurb from the company’s website:


If you’re not familiar with the concept, boom netting involves riding securely in the confines of the large “boom net”, attached to the rear of the boat, as we cruise through the waters of the bay. Our ample net can comfortably hold a sizeable group, so you and your friends and family can have this unique experience together.

On your day out with us, you’ll enjoy a few different things. You can ride on board the deck, and when the time is right, you can move down into the boom net, situated directly in the water. You’re sure to get wet on this crazy ride, as the waves from the vessel surge past you. Hang on tight, because our boat can get going pretty fast. Boom netting is definitely an adventure.

In addition to your ride through the high seas, you’ll learn a bit about the history and cultural significance of Jervis Bay, from our friendly, highly trained tour guides. You’ll see the towering sea cliffs at Point Perpendicular, and you’ll cruise past some of the whitest, sandiest beaches in the world. You are sure to spot abundant wildlife throughout your journey, and the dozens of bottlenose dolphins which reside here in the day are certain to make an appearance. Perhaps they’ll even race alongside you as you ride in the boom net. That truly would be an experience not to be missed.

Source: Jervis Bay Wild

It’s also interesting to note that just the next day sharks were spotted prowling off shore nearby. Eek!

Have you ever been boom netting?

Nice family memories to look back on!

Deb 🙂

13 Replies to “Boom netting fun!”

  1. I’ve heard of boom netting but not done it. Looks like awesome fun but not sure I could do it now. In my younger days I was way more daring. Although you never know, maybe if someone gave me a push …

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  2. And here I thought that first photo was all of you in a hot tub! ! ! I’ve never heard of boom riding, but I’ve water skiied…not the same I know. Glad you tried it! If I ever have the opportunity here (or there!!) I will try it too. Sounds sort of COLD though!

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