A crazy place – #Writespiration: Week 19

Writespiration is a great challenge as it really gets my grey matter working.

The challenge is to write something using the weekly theme, in just 52 words…. EXACTLY 52 words, no more, no less and it’s harder than it sounds.

This week Sacha wants to get to know us better so we have to pretend money is no object and describe our perfect office or writing location, or make it up, make it random or describe the craziest place we’ve worked.  

As I’m no longer in the workforce, I’ve chosen to use the craziest place I’ve worked and am getting a dig in at stupid crazy policies and politicians while I have the chance. (By the way I don’t count the title in my 52 words).

It’s a crazy world we work in!

Inside the fences

a different world

Outside is the real world.

Locked in just like my students.

It’s not a holiday camp, but it’s not real hard core either

It’s a working farm, a correctional centre

but no longer with any ‘real’ education staff

It’s cheaper without us, how crazy is that?

Are you keen to join in the fun of writing a story in just 52 words??  Give it a go and let me know what you come up with.

Deb 🙂writespiration-2017

Education beats crimeNote: This isn’t a made-up story, it’s the truth based on my recent one year anniversary of hearing about the loss of my teaching career, which you can read about here: Reblog – Not a good week!!

PS. You can also find Deb’s World here – I’d be delighted if you’d join me.

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