Do you feel the serenity?

Keeping warm around the fire bucket

Around the fire bucket
Relaxing around the fire bucket – can you feel the serenity?

Quote: How’s the serenity? So much serenity.

Translation: What to say when you’re feeling calm and content. Or you just like saying the word serenity.

The Castle: Classic Australian Movie 1997

We just love backyard bonfires in autumn and winter

This week the theme for Terri’s Sunday Stills is Warmth, and I’m very happy to share some warmth with you as the autumn days gets shorter and winter starts to creep in.

I always enjoy hearing your thoughts.

Have a great week ahead.

Debbie 🙂

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16 Replies to “Do you feel the serenity?”

  1. Awesome pics Deb and I can definitely feel the serenity. In fact, I was sitting in front of a campfire just 24 hours ago. 🔥 Hope you had a fabulous Mother’s Day xx

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  2. I could hear Michael Caton – “do you feel the serenity”, a classic quote. Loved that movie. We normally escape the winter by travelling up the coast. This winter we’ve decided to stay and embrace all the things good about the colder weather. We’ve just had three days in the forest with a fire drum every night. We’ve taken up the space for our back yard fire pit with a garden bed though, so have to find another space.

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    1. Yes I know, it’s one of those sayings isn’t it? Your camping sounds like fun and isn’t a fire bucket just the best? We built one in the backyard after being out in the Flinders Ranges for two weeks a few years ago, and we haven’t regretted having it take up space. Good luck on your winter at home this year!

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    1. Thanks Terri! I loved seeing your take on warmth too and thanks for sharing my post. Yes we had a great Mother’s Day weekend and I’ve just this minute published a post about running in the annual Mother’s Day Classic. Happy Mother’s Day to you too.

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