#ShoutoutSaturday – sometimes laughter is the best medicine

A big welcome back to Shout-out Saturday

Happy Saturday to to you!

It’s time to share some of your favourites with us.

I started #ShoutoutSaturday during 2020, as an attempt to share some good vibes, have some fun and to allow you to share what you’ve found interesting or entertaining during the week.

I’m continuing on with it this year and will hopefully spread some more joy.

But first, what does giving a shout-out mean?

A shout-out is a short public acknowledgement of someone or something, especially by name. It’s usually to recognise someone in appreciation of them or something they did.

So let’s get on with shout-out #3 for the year –

1. Border Wars in Aus during Covid-19

Jimmy Rees is an Australian entertainer, probably best known for his Children’s TV show Giggle and Hoot. He has been making funny videos throughout the various lockdowns in Australia, and his latest about the continuing border wars, is a crackup, especially for those of us living here.

Laughter really is the best medicine sometimes isn’t it?

2. Blogging Tips

Hugh always has great blogging tips and this one is all about the title fo your blog post. Even for those of us who have been blogging for many years, these tips are great reminders and reading the many comments from readers, it appears we can all learn from each other. Thanks Hugh!

How to write the perfect titles for all your blog posts

I also enjoyed getting involved in a conversation on Twitter about the importance of engaging with those who leave comments on our posts. Hugh then wrote a follow up post including a mention ‘lazy comments’ – do you know what they are? Is any comment better than none at all in your opinion?

How do you respond to comments left on your blog?

3. A funny sign

bike riding sign
A funny bike riding sign

As someone who rides my bike (a lot), I have written before about ringing my bell to warn riders (or not), so you can imagine how much this sign made me smile. You too?

What’s my Shout-out Saturday all about?

Shout Out Saturday is where I invite you to join me by leaving a link or a comment, to something that has had an impact on you recently.

You can leave a link to a post on your own blog, or maybe something you’ve read on someone else’s blog, or tell us about your favourite blogger, or simply share some good news for #shoutoutsaturday, or just drop in to say hello….

Notes about #ShoutoutSaturday:

  • no strings attached
  • simply leave a comment below
  • check out any other links if you want to
  • use the hashtag #ShoutoutSaturday on social media
  • no need to get caught up in too much compulsory sharing
  • keep it family friendly
  • Saturday can cover any day of the week

Are you keen to share something or leave a shout out to someone? I hope so – all you have to do is leave a comment or a link!

So there you have it – my week 3 of #shoutoutSaturday for 2021!

Has someone done something nice for you? Have you witnessed (or given) a random act of kindness? Have you read something interesting or watched a good show lately? Please share with us 🙂

Anything really – it’s up to you!

As always, feel free to share and get the word out there #ShoutoutSaturday

Thanks again for all your support, it’s much appreciated. Wishing you a great week ahead!

Becoming BOLD is fun!

Deb 🙂

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Debbie - mother of a 40 year old

Everyone has a story to tell! Deb is a young-at-heart & active 60+ blogger/retiree, after being made redundant from her 22-year career managing education programs in a men’s correctional centre (jail). She now spends her time reading, blogging, riding her ebike and travelling. Deb was awarded a Bravery Award from the Queen when she was 17 after a tragic accident – a definite life changing moment! She is married with 3 grown-up daughters & has 4 grandchildren. She never imagined being Granny Debs would bring so much joy to her life! You can read more of Deb’s story here

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26 Replies to “#ShoutoutSaturday – sometimes laughter is the best medicine”

  1. Sending a shout out to Sue Loncaric aka Women Living Well After 50 for her #fitfabfeb2021 where she encourages, & supports us to move our bodies more in micro steps… 10 mins a day for 10 days is doable! Well done Sue for getting me making mindful & deliberate changes to moving my body more. Denyse

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree Denyse, Sue really does a great job with keeping us inspired and on the right track. She is a beautiful soul inside and out! Thanks for joining in with my #shoutoutsaturday


  2. Hi Deb, I caught up with some people I worked with for 12 years and it was so lovely. Even though I haven’t seen some of them since I left 7 years ago, it was as though no time had passed. My shoutout goes to old friends who can still make you laugh. Regards Christina

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved the boarders’ wars video, Debbie. It great when we can laugh at ourselves. As you said, laughter, after all, is the best medicine. And that bike sign is hilarious too.

    Thanks so much for the shoutout about my recent two posts. I’m delighted they have not only helped many of those who have read them, but that discussions have developed in the comments sections of both posts. I’ll be trying out some more discussions on Twitter. If they work, I’ll certainly follow them up with a post (or two).

    Here’s a shoutout from me—a great post from James Lane about a campaign for using our smartphones.


    James makes many great points in his post, many of which I believe will benefit those of us who have mobile phones.

    Thanks again for the shoutout.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for joining in Hugh, it’s always great to have your insights and sharing your posts was the least i can do. You have a knack of writing what others need to know, in a clear and easy to understand way – so thank you!!
      I enjoyed the post you shared and there are some real gems in there, that we all should be aware of!
      I’m pleased the video and sign gave you a smile as the world is dark enough at times and we all need to smile and laugh whenever we can. I know you are all doing it so much tougher than us at the moment, know that I’m thinking of you!


    1. Isn’t it a great video Frank? He’s done quite a few now and he’s so quick off the mark when something changes he’s there making us laugh about it. We really have minimal issues here in Aus compared to the rest of the world but laughing does help us cope!


  4. I had a good laugh at that Bikers sign 😂 And thanks for the link to Hugh’s site which I plan to explore for blogging tips, being quite new to this game!

    My shout out goes to the nurse who administered my first COVID vaccination yesterday and all the volunteers helping everything run so smoothly at the centre 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. My pleasure Sarah, so glad you enjoyed the sign too! Hugh is very generous with his blogging tips and I have learnt a lot from him over the years. It was great to meet him in person in London a few years ago at a Bloggers Bash, putting a face to the blog was so much fun!
      I’m so glad to hear you’ve had the vaccination too, so good it’s finally happening. They don’t start our roll outs here in Aus for a few more weeks yet. Thanks for joining in with me for #shoutoutsaturday 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi, Deb – As usual you have so many great gems in this post. I love your mixture of the fun, whimsical and thoughtful. I found the thread about replying to blog comments to be of great interest. To me, this question covers so many areas including out values, our priorities and our time management. I always try to leave a individual and meaningful comment to each and every person who comments on my blog. Even on my most time-crunched days, it is the very least that I can do to thank someone for taking the time to engage with me. In return, I also try to read and comment on posts of other bloggers who read and comment on my site. Otherwise, it is like inviting someone over to your parties, but never attendng theirs.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hi Donna, the world is in need of some light relief so that was the aim of my post plus Hugh’s tips are always worth sharing! I agree with your thoughts about replying to comments on our blogs and can honestly say your comments always make me smile and feel worthwhile, so thank you for that!!


  6. A very funny sign, Deb. Especially coming from you Miss Avid Biker.xx

    I always enjoy reading your posts, Deb, and especially the “Shout Out”. An opportunity to share someone who has made a difference to my week. My shout out is to another beautiful writer, Norah Colvin. Norah’s posts always contain information and gems for teachers, parents, grandparents, people. I was especially moved by this week’s post. The “….three main thoughts.” “The Ripples of Life” her 99 word story. The messages and words, beautiful!


    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes you probably know how much I laughed at that sign Erica!! It hit the spot for me 🙂

      Thanks for your shoutout, I’m off to read Norah’s post now – I always appreciate your shoutouts and value your judgement. xx

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Deb love your Shoutout Saturdays and that sign – I’m a runner and sometimes I do get a little cross with cyclists who think they are in the Tour de France rather than little old Brisbane. I must read Hugh’s post as I’m never sure how to be creative with titles. I do love comments from readers as it is a way to connect and to hear their thoughts. It can be difficult to keep up though with replies if there are a few – but hey if I get many comments I’m not going to complain. Have a lovely week. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sue, you are so right that many cyclists believe they are in the Tour and they ruin it for many of us smaller scale cyclists. Hugh’s posts are great for bloggers of all levels, as he is clear and easy to understand. I love getting comments too and work hard at trying to reply to them all, even if I’m days late – like this one!! Thanks for all your support.


  8. What a great post, Debbie. I’m pleased I popped over. Thanks Erica. 🙂 I’m too old for Giggle and Hoot, but the video did give me a smile. I hope the border wars are over. What gave me the biggest smile, though, was warning sign to walkers. So funny. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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