The emerging Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail #SundayStills

Just like fashion last week, art is not generally my thing

But I do enjoy seeing it and trying to understand the artist’s inspiration and I appreciate their creativity.

An emerging sculpture trail

We have a new sculpture trail going into the local park in Tumbarumba, and in other towns in our area, all of them affected by the Black Summer bushfires of 2019/2020. The funding for the sculpture trail was a grant of $4million from the NSW government’s Bushfire Local Economic Recovery Fund.

The project came from an idea of the Sydney based Sculpture by the Sea (a not for profit organisation), to create an outdoor art collection as a new cultural tourism attraction for the Snowy Valleys in response to the devastating bushfires.

Here is a link to the informative Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), which has taken all possible questions and provided fulsome answers. I know I learnt a lot by reading through it and now feel better informed as a result – and I’m a local who has been involved in a small way.

Questions covered:

  • What is the Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail?
  • Who came up with the idea, how many sculptures will be in place and where will they be?
  • What is the Sculpture trail schools program?
  • Who is choosing the sculptures?
  • Who are the artist?
  • What benefits will there be for the people of the area?
  • Who is funding the sculpture trail?
  • What is Sculpture by the Sea?

I took the opportunity last week, before expected rain was due, to take a walk through the park where most of the sculptures will be located in coming months. The autumn colours were spectacular and I was so pleased to be able to capture them before the wind and rain eventuated.

Autumn is well and truly emerging!

The official opening will be held this coming week with various events plus a community celebration which I will be attending in my role as Rotary Club member (we’re providing a bbq) and as a support rider for our Rotary Club’s trioBike project.

Sculpture Trail community day
Sculpture Trail community day

A new blue sculpture is currently being put in place near the pump track area of the park but I don’t have any further information on it yet. Maybe after the weekend community day i can update you!

The Tumbarumba Creekscape

Kudos must go to those who started the whole creekscape revamp many yeras ago. When we first moved here the area behind the shops was not a pretty sight and to look at it now is a wonderful thing. It hosts Tumbafest each year and provides joy to all those who use the park – especially in autumn!

The Creekscape was officially opened back in November 1994 and i remember being involved as part of Girl Guides in town, many organisations got to plant one of the trees and I was the Girl Guides representative! I’m very proud to see these beautiful trees all these years later. Another emerging moment in time.

Tumbarumba creekscape opening in 1994
Tumbarumba creekscape opening in 1994

Sculptures already in place in Tumbarumba

Because I live in Tumbarumba I am only featuring the sculptures in our park, I haven’t seen any of the others in Tooma, Batlow and Adelong, yet, but I will do so in coming travels.

I have written about two of the donated pieces of art in previous posts: Habitat and Together we are Strong and will write further when the new installations are in place.

Sunday Stills Photo Challenge

Terri, from Second Wind Leisure, hosts Sunday Stills photo challenge every week with the prompt this week Emerging, which I think is probably more a Northern Hemisphere thing, as spring is starting to emerge over there. Of course I’m in the land downunder, so I decided to take my post in a different direction, (surprise!), and have shared the emerging sculpture trail in our little town plus the merging colours of autumn!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading my post. It’s fun seeing something new emerge.

You can read Terri’s post here when she publishes it – Emerging From… (she’s in a different time zone to me and as you know, Australia is ahead of the rest of the world)!

Have a great week!

Deb x

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20 Replies to “The emerging Snowy Valleys Sculpture Trail #SundayStills”

  1. I’ve taken a teen grandchild to Sculpture by the sea aeons ago. It was OK and we both got some photos but on a shared path with “runners/walkers who LIVE in the area” we did not feel welcome..Your town has such a community spirit (people make that and you & G are amongst those) and to have a pretty & natural area where the creek now runs, is testament to that. Denyse

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Denyse, the area here is lovely and community minded but not without its local drams, as I’m sure you’re aware of from living in small towns! I’ve not been to Sculpture by the Sea but am often impressed with the artwork and the amazing surroundings they’re in! Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m not sure that the art is my “thing” Deb – but I do love how it’s being put there for people to appreciate and to add some vibrancy to the area. Nice that it’s not in a metropolitan area either – there’s a bit of sharing the love going on 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s definitely been a conversation starter Leanne but i enjoyed the opportunity to do a walking with one of the artists and get his view on things over the weekend.


  3. You’ve captured Snowy Valley trail’s emergence so grandly, Debbie! I’m sure the residents look forward to its completion and the interests the trail boasts. Lovely to see your Autumn emerging, too! I could enjoy Autumn all year round, so this was a treat to see your gorgeous shots.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. What a fantastic project. You really do live in a most picturesque area and I love the community spirit that there is there. No wonder you love it there!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We do live in a lovely area Deb with so much going on. Winter isn’t far away now so things will start to slow down as we hibernate 🙂


  5. Must be very special to see trees which were planted when you were young. Loved seeing your pictures, I like outdoor sculpture. You’re a featured favourite over at the blog today.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just saw that I was featured on your post today Gail, thanks so much!!
      The sculpture trail is really looking good in the park setting 🙂


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