The Annual Bloggers Bash Awards are Back! Nominations are now OPEN.


The 2019 Annual Bloggers Bash Awards are fast approaching It's time to start thinking about nominating your favourite bloggers for this year's Bloggers Bash Awards. Nominations will be open from February 1 - which means nominations are now OPEN! And here's the link to how you can nominate your favourite blog with all the details …

I’ve read 40+ books in 2017!

Flying, reading and tea - three of my favourite things

I've just been updating my Books Page and am pleased to see I have managed to read 43 books so far this year. I'm still reading a few but will have them finished by the end of the month. Here's my complete list of what I've read:  Books in 2017 I set myself a challenge of …

An awesome travel blogger who will blow your mind!

Cycling to Peyto Lake

As I have enjoyed being a guest blogger a number of times, I decided to start a feature on my blog and share some interesting people with you my interesting readers. I post these every Tuesday. Everyone has a story to tell. Yes, even you! It's true, everyone has a story and sometimes we just …

People of Interest #2 – Meet Donna

Retirement Reflections is a guest on my blog

As I have enjoyed being a guest blogger a number of times, I decided to start a new feature on my blog and share some interesting people with you. I have always liked the quote:  “Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer, some are written in the books and some are confined …

People of interest #1 – Meet Sharon


I find it interesting to note that throughout my blogging career, I have been a guest poster on a few blogs (see list below) but to date the only person to ever guest post on my blog was my youngest daughter, who wrote this heartfelt piece without any direction:  To my mum My recent guest posts include these: …

Blog of the Day: Deb’s World

Great to read Suzie’s comments about my blog in her Blog of the Day post! She has managed to sum up my blog in just a few paragraphs and I appreciate her support and encouragement:
I love everything about Debbie’s blog – the layout, the photographs, the topics… there is so much that I can personally relate to and I love her honesty and openness about her life experiences and things that she enjoys. In particular, I’m very jealous of the images that she shares of the places that she has seen – I’ve certainly added a few places to my bucket list because of her post.
And yet, for someone so talented, she is incredibly modest and a lovely person – she’s been an integral part of my Facebook group since it began and her comments and support of others have been instrumental in it’s growth.
Thanks again Suzie 🙂

Suzie Speaks


Meet Debbie, the creator of Deb’s World.

As a lifestyle blogger, she has one of the most interesting ‘About Me’ pages that I’ve ever seen. Here’s just a small selection…

I am Debbie – I am a wife; mother; daughter; sister; friend; blogger; reader; runner; walker; cyclist; Rail Trail enthusiast; traveller; Rotarian; Whovian; teacher.

And now I’m a retiree!!  Very early retirement!

I have three beautiful daughters who are all grown up and making their own way in the big wide world. I like to write about my family…

I am into keeping healthy and have learnt how to run again. I feel fantastic as a result of my efforts and I sometimes blog about my  running journey.

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#FridayBookShare – Barbed Wire and Cherry Blossoms

#FridayBookShare is an excellent way for book lovers (like myself) to share what we're all reading.  It was created by Shelley Wilson and follows a set of questions, with the first letter of each spelling out the word Friday.  Then, as it's posted on a Friday, it's known as Friday Book Share. As I'm an avid reader I'm …