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Wordless Wednesday – 12 April 2017

Wordless Wednesday! Sunrise from the 7th floor Enjoy your Wednesday – wherever you are in the world. Just out of interest I’d love to know where you are in the world, (not in a stalker kind of way!). Leave me a quick general location in the comments below if you’d like to 😊. Debbie 🙂 PS. Feel free to join me on…

Weekly photo challenge: Half-light (morning and night)

Half-light Half-light is the theme for this week’s photo challenge. Krista asks us to: share a photo inspired by a poem, verse, song lyric or story. If you’re not feeling especially literary or musical this week, see if you can capture the beauty of morning or evening half-light in your corner of the globe. In regards to a poem or lyric that inspired these…

Weekly photo challenge: Time after time

Time after time The sun rises, the sun sets The ocean rolls on Driftwood finds its way onto the beach And photo opportunities present themselves. For this week’s photo challenge we are asked to think about time and portray it photographically. These photos were taken while I was on the beach, at sunrise, with a group of Rotary Youth Exchange…

Early morning view over town

Every day is an adventure – 62/365

Remember what Bilbo used to say: ‘It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.’ — J.R.R. Tolkien A great start to the day Another foggy photo for Jennifer’s One Word Photo Challenge: Foggy Every day is an adventure is…

Every day is an adventure – 42/365

This is another sunrise from the desert – the sun lights up the sky! What an amazing place 🙂 Every day is an adventure is where I will post a photo every day for 365 days (not necessarily taken that day) – sometimes with words, sometimes without.  I believe that everyday should be an adventure! The photo might be mundane, might…

Smoke gets in my eyes!

Smoke gets in my eyes!

Smoke from bush fires hundreds of kilometres away has been sitting over our town for days now. On one of my early morning runs this week, I took this photo, but unfortunately it doesn’t do any justice to how eerie it really looked!

The sun was a huge red orb in the smoky sky creating quite an eerie effect.

My phone just couldn’t capture it, although I am happy enough with the end result.

I was thinking while running that the body is amazing.  My body clock is now into its own routine and knows when I am to wake up for my morning runs, without the need for an alarm.  I just wake up, get dressed, set my heart rate monitor, set my phone app to track my run, turn on some music, grab my water bottle and go!  I do have every thing ready the night before and find that being organised really helps.  The 12wbt program is very good at getting you organised and so it becomes a part of daily and weekly life.

I’m very glad that I don’t have any breathing issues as running in the smoke could be very difficult for some. Despite sore calves and a sore Achilles’ tendon, I did the day’s tempo training for nearly an hour and on my way home noticed the sun though the pall of smoke. (Just as an aside, I have noticed that I am far more observant these days and love my early mornings runs as I never know what I will see to photograph.)

After a delicious breakfast of a poached egg and avocado toast I headed off to work.  The smoke hung around, literally, all day and combined with hot steamy temperatures made it quite an uncomfortable day so I was glad to be inside in an air-conditioned office.

The best part of my day was the hour long massage that I had booked to relieve my sore muscles. It was absolutely amazing and just what I needed!  As well as a massage I had some cupping done for the first time, it’s an old Chinese therapy, and I didn’t mind it at all.  I had a walk scheduled with friends for late in the afternoon but my therapist suggested that I just rest my legs for a bit and I took her advice.

The smoke is still here days later and rain is forecast for the weekend, so hopefully it eventuates as we are getting desperately dry.  Fire fighters need relief and we are all over the weeks of 30-40 Celsius temperatures.

Smoke on the water maybe…..

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