Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Macro (more spring)


Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge has Macro as the theme for this week. I’m very surprised at the quality and clarity that the humble phone can produce.  I didn’t do very much editing on this photo but did take quite a few shots trying to capture what I have dubbed ‘the tendrils’.

I’m not quite sure if I’ve done this right but regardless, I like the effect.  This is the new growth on the golden ash tree in our backyard and as the leaves were unfurling in the spring warmth, these tendrils took my fancy.  The blue sky background and the colours make for a nice shot captured on my iPhone.

I’d love to hear what you think.

Deb 🙂

PS. I’ve also added this photo to Lucile’s photo101rehab clinic

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  1. You’ve created a still life of those clusters of flowers and it keeps drawing me into its details. Happy Photo Challenge.

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  2. I love the colors of the leaf and tendrils against the blue sky. Nice detail that you’ve captured.

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  3. Something very special …..splendid colours and details!

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  4. Debbie, it is a fantastic macro shot. Indeed technology advanced so much and help us making so much more with a mobile phone. But it was still the eye of the beholder, who saw beauty and composed this gorgeous photo.

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  5. You have captured such a beautiful contrast between the rich green leaves and stunning blue sky… yummy.


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