Weekly photo challenge: Seasons (of life)

If your life was a season, what season would you be?

Summer stormWhat a great theme for this week’s photo challenge!

I had some time to contemplate this question and came up with ‘summer with a hint of afternoon storm’. And this photo sums it up very nicely.

I took this photo late last year and love the way the storm is moving in over the grand old lady building in this country town. It was a humongous storm when it finally hit!

I asked a few others this interesting ‘life as a season’ question and their  answers were very insightful. Spring because new life and everyone likes Spring; summer because they live life outside; Autumn because of the crispness and colours; winter because it’s boring and cold.

I’ll stick with my summer with a touch of afternoon storm, I think anyone who knows me would understand what I’m getting at!!

What season would you be?

Deb 🙂



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  1. Your creativity in approaching this topic is first-class!

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  2. Nice one Deb. Great shot and I agree with you about the afternoon storm. Something I miss from Brissie. X

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  3. Stunning photo and I love your interpretation of the prompt. You’ve got me thinking which season I would be. Thanks 🙂

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