Therapy via Instagram

Therapy comes in many forms

The last few weeks haven’t been much fun for our family.  I won’t go into details, suffice to say it’s been hard.

But I have learnt that therapy comes in many ways – one of mine happens to be Instagram.

Despite what’s been happening I like to think that I’m a positive person and just try to get on with what has to be done. I often find myself looking at the world around me with new eyes, there is so much out there that we miss seeing.  We are either walking around with blinkers on or are too tied up in our own little world.

I like to notice things and quite often I capture them with my phone, share them on Instagram and sometimes feature them on my blog as well.

Aside: My family love to tell the story of a younger me stating ‘I’m really quite noticeable aren’t I’?  I had meant to say ”observant’ but ‘noticeable’ came out instead – they still laugh at me!

While a long way from home recently, I went out walking most mornings, enjoying the balmy temperatures which were a million degrees warmer than my home climate. I felt the warm sun, I smelt the tropical flowers and I soaked up the very different atmosphere.  It set me up for the day ahead, gave me some space to think things through and opened my eyes, again, to the beauty all around me.

Here are some of my favourite Instagram shots from my time up north.  I love using Instagram, I get a creative thrill from editing photos and sharing them.  If you’d like to connect with me I’m @debs__world (that’s two underscores between debs and world).

This is Mount Warning which has a very special significance to our family.  When we visited our grandmother she taught us to take a moment every morning, to look up at Mt Warning and report to her what it was doing. It might be covered in cloud, it might be standing tall in bright blue sky or it might be peeking through the clouds.

As her eyesight started to fail these reports took on a more important role and to this day whenever I’m there I have to get up and check on what the mountain is doing before getting on with my day. I know that most of my family do this as well.

Throughout the day I often look to see what’s happening up there.  I was reminded that one of its traditional names, Wollumbin, means cloud gatherer, which is very fitting with this photo.  My mother commented that Mt Warning looked like it is wearing a shawl made of clouds in this photo – very poetic mum!

Every morning I walked down to the river and watched the sun rise over the water.  This particular morning the river looked like it had clouds sitting on top of the water and I love the softness of the light.

I love this photo of the shimmery, sparkly water – so different to my snowy mountain vista at home.  Although the breeze was cool it was a gorgeous day to watch the surfers and look for whales. I wrote a post about love locks at this spot.

This photo was a spot of fun.  Mum and I visited the local cafe for lunch and managed to take a sneaky selfie!

Another gorgeous morning shot of the river with the sun shining through the clouds.

I love that this mural was painted on the local public toilet block.

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to feel the warm sun, walk on the white sand and see iconic beach shots like this one. So very different to home!

I saw these flowers everywhere, they come in both red and white and look like powder puffs.  I didn’t realise until later, that I had captured the bee having a drink.

So there you have it, just a few of my recent favourite Instagram shots.  I find that it helps me to look for the beauty that’s everywhere around us – we just have to see it.

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones – life certainly is an adventure and we don’t always know in what direction it will take.

Thanks for visiting!


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14 Replies to “Therapy via Instagram”

  1. Hi Deb. I could only see one photo. I’m using the mobile app and that might be the issue. But maybe there is an issue with uploading photos. You may want to check.
    Apart from that, lovely story about your grandmother.
    Stay strong and enjoy the weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lucile, it all seems to be working for me so I hope it’s showing the other photos now and was only a hiccup with the mobile app for you. Thanks for commenting and letting me know. x


      1. Thanks for your kind words Debbie. I love this area too and am glad to know that you could see all the photos in the post. Your comments are music to my ears 🙂


  2. HI Deb, families can be so merciless sometimes cant they ( or maybe its a trait of aussie families??) they will never let you forget something that happened 100 years ago, and still go on about it, even if you have long since moved on. well.. moving right along…

    Mt Warning is SO special. Once when i was home a few years ago, I was taking my Mum down for a drive around the Tweed, we were heading to Tumblegum to have lunch at the Tumblegum Pub, which has modernised so much…. and .. well took a “wrong” turn off the highway and ended up driving a whole big circle around the Tweed River, with views of Mr Warning from every direction. It was very magical. It seemed like Mt Warning was showing us all of her magic. HOw beautiful that your Grandma gets her reports of what Mt Warning is doing every morning.

    and that river MUST be the Tweed. such a specially beautiful river. the beach shots are unmistakably qld. if i cant get home, sure glad you went up north to capture my home for me. it makes me so happy to see this beautiful place. actually, ive been thinking that the Tweed valley might be a place to consider retiring to ( many years into the future of course)… I love the Sunshine Coast, but the Tweed River is magical.

    Oh well, I’ve raved on too much. Go north more often!!!!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Debbie, I agree with everything you have said. It is a magical place and I love going there. It is the Tweed River and I lke your retirement plan idea, it’s a b beautiful part of the world. Even though my grandmother left us many years ago we all still d her daily ritual when we’re up there. I’m so glad my post gave you so much pleasure 🙂


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