Taking Stock – life at the moment

It’s time for another Taking Stock post for Denyse’s #Lifethisweek

Taking Stock #4

The idea of these posts, for me anyway, is to write a response without giving it too much thought, usually the first thing that pops into my head.

  • Making: The best of things
  • Cooking: Salmon for dinner
  • Drinking: Tea, always weak, black tea
  • Reading: Big Girls Don’t Cry by Joanne Tracy ( a fabulous author who is also a friend)
  • Wanting: To make plans for Christmas
  • Looking: At all the children’s picture books
  • Playing: At being a Children’s Picture Book author
  • Wishing: For a Covid free world
  • Wasting: Time
wasting time quote
wasting time quote
  • Enjoying: Spring blossoms
  • Waiting: For my knee to recover properly
  • Liking: Sitting in the spring sunshine
  • Wondering: What will we do for Christmas this year
  • Loving: My youngest daughter sent me a lovely quote she’d read that made her think of me – my eyes may have leaked a bit! Granny is the sun, smiling and beaming, golden and gleaming, gentle and bright, warm yellow light (Thunderstorm Dancing by Katrina Germein)
  • Hoping: The numbers keep going down
  • Marvelling: At how my granddaughter is nearly 2
  • Needing: A massage
  • Smelling: Beautiful handmade soaps
Spring time
Spring time
  • Wearing: Less layers than a month ago
  • Following: @COVID_Australia on Twitter – great up to date information on the numbers
  • Noticing: The season has changed 🙂
  • Knowing: Magnolia flowers are magnificent
  • Thinking: Life is better when you jump
  • Feeling: Pretty good – thanks for asking!
  • Bookmarking: My place in my book with a bookmark
  • Opening: My eyes each morning
  • Smiling: At my grandchildren through the screen 🙂

What about you?

What are you taking stock of?

How would you answer these prompts?

I always enjoy these posts! Any thoughts to add?

Deb xx

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40 Replies to “Taking Stock – life at the moment”

  1. I always enjoy taking stock posts and really should do them. Sigh. Loving the blossoms on your posts and also wondering about Christmas. We were intending on going to Sydney, but well… Ohand I’m a page corner turner. Yes, I’m that person.

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    1. Yes it’s such a good post to write and different too. Yes….Christmas, what is going to happen this year I wonder! I wouldn’t have thought you were a page turner – ooh aah!! Did you like the book I’m reading??

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  2. Hi, Debbie – I absolutely love this style of post. It’s a fabulous way to get to know you even better – in a fast, fluid and fun style.
    Here are my current answers to three of your prompts:
    Cooking: Veggie Burgers and Greek Salad for dinner
    Drinking: Blackberry Smoothie
    Reading: Factfulness by Hans Rosling (For my 3rd bookclub. Feel free to call me crazy, I know!) 😀

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    1. That’s what I love too, the simplicity and ease of doing these, just once every few months to see how things are going along as part of Denyse’s #lifethisweek linkup. Feel free to check out the link in my post and join in. Thanks Rhonda, have a good week.


    1. These are fabulous posts to write as part of Denyse’s #lifethisweek linkup each Monday. The link is in my post if you’re keen to join in. Hope you can take stock soon 🙂


    1. Thanks Jen, glad you liked the quote. It was from a lovely children’s picture book called Thunderstorm Dancing as she was reading it to baby Patrick, she thought of me, took a photo of the page and sent it to me. I love that sort of thing! I am loving the sunny days and the warmth. Hope you are out of lockdown soon.


    1. Snap!! It was a great read wasn’t it Sue? I’m now up to date on Jo’s books and waiting eagerly for the next ones to come out. These types of posts are great fun to do and make me stop and think for a minute – literally taking stock! Have a good week Sue xx


  3. Hi Deb – it sounds like things are pretty settled and happy in your world atm. Loved the grandmother quote – you’ll have to make an image with it to share. I’m also enjoying the weather warming up a little and being able to take off a layer or two – the sun is shining, the sky is blue – and it’ll probably rain in a few days, but for now it’s just delightful x

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  4. Deb
    Drinking plenty of tea here too but I LOVE mine STRONG.
    I do agree, life is better when you jump into it. This time of isolation has given me the chance to jump into interests and goals I never would have considered in my ‘old’ life.
    Be well,

    SSG xxx

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  5. I have to admit – I am just a little bit jealous that it is spring in the Southern Hemisphere. I dread the thought of shorter days and colder temperatures.

    And I am wishing for a COVID-free world too!

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  6. For goodness sake don’t jump with a bad knee 😉 NO, you can’t possibly be thinking of Christmas, as I scream in silence as surely it can’t be that close. Here’s to that knee healing fast. Take care x

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  7. Let’s hope, one day in POST Covid life, many of the things we have longed for can be returned to us. I see that writing children’s books is both a challenge and something you are aiming for. Keep on keeping on! The Australian Writers Centre is a great place to learn. Thank you for linking up for life this week. Next week’s optional prompt is 37/51 Remembering Sydney 2000. 14.9.2020 Hope you link up Denyse.

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  8. What a great quick post that can be interactive and informative. Do you follow a template for these or is it just random things that pop into your head?
    Wanting: to make plans for Thanksgiving (fav holiday for me and who knows what this year will hold) and it’s only 3 weeks away.
    Noticing: that fall is here and happy about that (weird as most Canadians hate winter but not ME)
    Wearing: leggings and a sleeveless t-shirt because it’s comfy and I am all about the comfort

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    1. Hi and thanks for your visit! I love these posts and use the same questions each time I do them. I found it on a friend’s blog and her linkup runs this as a prompt every few months. It’s a great way of capturing what’s in my head at that time.

      Thanks for your responses too – it’s great to see what’s going on in your world.


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