Sharing likes, strengths, honour and peace for #WordlessWednesday

A month of photos during September

During September I’m joining my friend Denyse (and others) in her ‘photo word’ challenge for everyday throughout the month. I’m mainly sharing mine on Instagram but sometimes on my blog’s Facebook page too.

Denyse has set the words in advance, and invites others to join her using the following hashtags – #ShareSeptember2021 #oneword #onephoto #30days – on any social media platforms they use.

Days 16-22

The word #love was from the first week of the challenge and I decided to share my photos from the week in a wrap-up post, as they fit the theme of love very well. Last week it was words about values and connections and this week the words have been another good mix, so I thought I’d continue to share my daily photos for the rest of the month in a wrap-up post here.

Day 16 – Liking

A fabulous way to start the day! Exercise done, breakfast in the morning sunshine out on the deck, kookaburras laughing in the background, a quick read of my current book and a cup of tea.

I’m liking this new routine we seem to have got into with a morning cuppa and a read in the spring sunshine before getting into the day ahead.

Day 17 – Strength

Sometimes we don’t know our own strength, so today I’m trying to recognise that I am strong, I am caring, I am resilient and I am proud of myself for what I’ve achieved so far in my life. I have strong connections, the strength of my convictions and belief in myself.

my fun face about to go down the slide
my fun face about to go down the slide

I’ll admit I had a lot of trouble finding something for this word, until I decided to take a look at myself!

Day 18 – Contentment

A feeling of contentment filled me as we sat outside at @nestcinemacafe this morning with friends, enjoying a hot chocolate and lemon yoghurt cake. Yum!

contentment in a hot chocolate
contentment in a hot chocolate

Day 19 – Honour

Our Rotary Club is honouring the generous donations of supporters, (plus our own funds), by purchasing 2 trio taxi bikes (electric trikes) for use in our local community. We will start to train pilots so we can take the elderly, those who can’t ride a bike for whatever reason and anyone who is challenged in any way. This will be a service to those who would like to be taken for a ride and we will be honoured to provide this service.

This has been one of my most popular Instagram posts in recent times and I’m thinking I’ll write a blog post about these trikes. There is so much to say!

Day 20 – Peaceful

A painted sunset sky – my view from the end of the driveway. It made for a peaceful end to the day.

painted sunset sky
painted sunset sky

Day 21 – Listen

If you stop and listen hard enough you can almost hear the trees coming alive with spring.

listen to the trees growing
listen to the trees growing

Day 22 – Project

It’s so good to be involved in this Rotary project which I mentioned on Day 19 of this challenge. Selfie time!

Here I am with friends, being taken for a ride in one of the trikes, at a training session for prospective pilots today. Can you see our pilot peeking through behind us. How happy do we look?

selfie in the trike
selfie in the trike

I appreciate that this isn’t actually a wordless post, as I’ve said about my previous wrap-up posts, but I make the rules! Do you have a favourite photo from this week’s offerings?

Happy Wednesday!

Deb 🙂

Sharing with Natalie for #weekendcoffeeshare

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31 Replies to “Sharing likes, strengths, honour and peace for #WordlessWednesday”

  1. What a beautiful post Deb. You certainly seem to be at peace in your world. Having a morning routine, being grateful and acknowledging all our blessings surely is key to a joyful life. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your morning routine sounds great as well as the hot chocolate and baked treat with friends. I think the trikes are going to be well used and well loved. Thank you for linking up with #weekendcoffeeshare.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Natalie, it’s a lovely time of the day especially with spring sunshine most days. The trikes are fabulous and will be very popular with the local community. Thanks again for hosting #weekendcoffeeshare


  3. Beautiful pics – and perfect for the words. I have to confess to falling off the share your September wagon – not because I didn’t want to participate but because I didn’t take a screenshot of the words from 16-30 and I post first thing in the morning & then forget (mostly) about it. Slack, I know.

    Liked by 1 person

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