Deb’s World on tour – Part 1

A week off….yay, happy days! 

Farewell husband on Friday night

He’s off to walk the KokodaTrack for 6th time

He's leaving on a jet plane
He’s leaving on a jet plane

Drive to Canberra, catch up with daughter and her fiancé,

Talk wedding plans, shops, lunch, airport drop-off.

Fly to Gold Coast to see my parents

Chat to lovely 80 year old lady on the plane.

Catch up over cups of tea

Out with mum and dad
Out with mum and dad

Rain all afternoon, so humid.

Photo box came out and many stories shared.

Slept well despite change in temperature.

Clocks went back, Easter bunny found me

Easter bunny found me
Easter bunny found me

Breakfast out with friends

Visitor info centre, amazing mural and

Photographic display of sheds in area.

Tweed Regional Gallery and Margaret Olley Art Centre

It's a sheep's life
It’s a sheep’s life

Amazingly well done, so many people come to see it.

Culture and more culture!

Sunshine and warmth very welcome

Deb's world at the beach
Deb’s world at the beach

Hard to believe it’s autumn…very different to back home

where they’ve resorted to lighting the fires.

Drive to beach, walk, run, ice cream, relax

Beautiful afternoon at the beach
Beautiful afternoon at the beach

Home via shops for supplies.

Brisk walk around the block with mother

Who says I forget how old she is!

Washing machine out of action, Apple TV flashing continuously

Garden mulch to be spread.

Dinner, tv, chat, bed.

Early morning walk with spectacular views

and delightful smells of tropical plants.

A favourite place
A favourite place

Get my IT hat on and help out with computer issues


Walk and talk, walk and talk.

Plus a cup of tea or two!

The next phase is about to start…road trip north to see my youngest daughter!

Deb 🙂

PS. I realise that Justine used a similar beach writing in the sand photo in her blog recently but I assure you I’m not copying her idea – we’ve always done this to write messages!

6 Replies to “Deb’s World on tour – Part 1”

    1. Ok I will do but I’m not too sure how they’ll react to being called the old folks! Love the warmth and lushness up here. It’s so green too. Hope you are enjoying the catchup too!


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