Deb’s World on tour – part 2 of 2

When I left you last time (Deb’s World on tour part 1)  I was just heading off for a road trip to see my youngest daughter. I was staying with my parents for a week and mum decided a few days at the beach would be nice.  We would be able to see Eliza at the same time (she’s the one who wrote a brilliant post for me last year and in case you didn’t see it – you can click here).

We drove north past the Gold Coast and all the theme parks (I noticed that there wasn’t a Deb’s World!) and through Brisbane to Scarborough.  It was a lovely quiet beach suburb with a fantastic shared walking/cycling path for many kilometres around the coast.  It was also very close to Eliza’s work – bonus!

We had a great few days doing little more than walking, shopping, chatting, eating, relaxing and exploring the area. I am in the habit of getting up early for a walk/run and really enjoyed the different walking environment that being beside the beach gave me.  I loved being out with other people and found the warm temperatures a delight after our autumnal temps at home. I would return to the unit and then mum would go out for a brief walk, which was good for her.  One morning dad & I went to the pool area and enjoyed a bubbly warm spa.

We had a few delicious meals out as mum was determined not to have to cook while we were away and we did try to be sensible. It was like being in another world at times and I’m pleased to say that the time didn’t rush by too fast.  It’s always sad saying goodbye but we are used to that now and my daughter says it makes us appreciate our times together more for the fact that we don’t see each other every day!  I still wish I lived closer to her and my parents.

We managed to catch up with my cousin and her two delightful children before we left and we had a lovely play in the park. I was able to beg a turn on the children’s flying fox and used a scooter for the first time in years. We retraced our steps back down the coast and got back in time for a quick change and went out for dinner with my aunts, uncles and cousins – which was fantastic.

The next day we continued our eating out practice and went to Mavis’s Kitchen at the base of Mt Warning. We had the best meal of the week while watching preparations taking place for a wedding later in the day.  There were also a few groups of girls on Hen’s parties and a helicopter came in with some of the guests which created a bit if excitement! It was a lovely way to finish my visit and then it was time to head to the airport for the trip home.

I flew into Canberra, caught up with a friend for brunch (more yummy food) before heading on my 3 hour drive home. The following week at home was very quiet and lonely as my husband was still away walking the Kokoda Track with a group of school students and other leaders.

Although it was quiet I did have the company of a huge spider in my bedroom!  I managed to sleep despite his wanderings.  I was also very busy with work and Rotary commitments.  I must admit to a few pampering sessions as well throughout the week. I was very pleased to have my husband home after his 6th time walking the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea – thankfully all went well and there are lots of stories and photos to share.

As usual, I managed to take some photos of my trip – enjoy!

Thanks for coming along with me.

Deb 🙂

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  1. Great article Deb, must admit we also enjoyed the break away, so nice to spend so much time with you and Eliza. We certainly did a fair bit of walking/shopping/eating etc but all very enjoyable, should do it more often.

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