One foot in each camp!


I have been trying to write this post all week, it’s been rattling around in my head, as things often do, until I can get it out.

I’ve been suffering withdrawals and have felt lost and all adrift since I stopped my every day is an adventure project at Day 100. I had been aiming to do a post every day for 365 days but pulled out at day 100 so I am feeling disappointed with myself on the one hand but on the other hand I’m pleased at not having the commitment to post every day.

Even though I  was good at scheduling posts ahead of time and loved the idea of my project, of finding an adventure in every day things, it all became a bit too hard.  I decided to pull out at day 100 instead of carrying on and ending up resenting the pressure I was putting on myself.  I don’t need it!

So I have one foot in each camp – as per my photo – I love blogging, I love the idea of blogging everyday and I love the feedback and support that I received while doing it. But I found that I was missing out on other things, like responding to other blogging challenges, regularly missing deadlines that I didn’t want to miss, blogging about other things just for a change and reading blogs just for the fun of it.  I have spent all week catching myself thinking of what to include in my daily posts before remembering that I’m no longer doing it.

I have enjoyed just watching the baby lambs gamboling around in the paddock, the family of ducks being shepherded across the road by the mother duck, the snow glinting on the mountains in the distance, the warm sun on my back, enjoying a cup of tea in the afternoon sun with my husband after a hard day at work, going to the gym in the early hours of the morning, planting flowers in my garden and reading my book.  All without having to capture these moments and share them on my blog.  I have learnt to take note of these small things, from doing my daily project, but I can also just enjoy them for their own sake and not have to blog about them.  I hope I’m making sense!! I’m happy to say that I’ll be returning to my previous schedule of blogging a few times a week from now on. I have so many other things to do and enjoy, especially with my daughter’s wedding just 6 weeks away. I’m also hoping to get back into my running soon as soon as my calf injury (and the physio) lets me.

Blogging everyday is great if you can do it and I take my hat off to those bloggers who are doing it really well.    I know I can do it it for a while but I also know now that I can’t sustain it.

And that’s OK with me!

Any thoughts?

Deb 🙂

PS. I am still going to make myself a book of my 100 days posts as per my original plan, it just won’t be as long!

21 Replies to “One foot in each camp!”

  1. I totally agree with you. When you decide you’re going to blog once a day for an entire year about what is essentially one topic (even though you can go in many directions with that one topic) you limit yourself unless you keep more than one blog…one for that challenge and another for everything else. I blogged every day for a month once, as part of a challenge, but there was not one defined topic. So whatever came up went in the blog and I didn’t feel like I had missed other blog topics that I wanted to write about. Still…I also felt that since there was a blog every day, the important ones didn’t stay up long enough to be read and often got lost in the total volume of it all.

    So I agree…blog when you have something you want to share, not because you’ve challenged yourself.

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  2. I think you deserve a High Five for even attempting a post a day!! I truly admire bloggers who do, but that’s just not me. I don’t have the time to do it properly; there’s something called LIFE that beckons. Don’t beat yourself up over not making it to that 365-mark. You did great! Sounds like you did what you set out to do — you know now you *could* post every day, but you *choose* not to. That’s wisdom, you know!!

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