iPhriday – remind me again how old I am



I am a grownup but sometimes it’s good to be a child again.

It’s Phriday and time for a photo from my phone.  This photo shows me in a children’s playground looking very smug because I managed to climb up so high! I don’t like heights much and I get scared on swinging bridges so when I saw this climbing frame free of children, I thought I’d give it a go. There was a little seat halfway up and I managed to manoeuvre myself into position and promptly took a selfie as evidence!

As I was getting down, not very elegantly I might add, a young girl admonished her brother to wait to start climbing ‘until the lady got down’  – I thanked her profusely for her thoughtfulness!

Lisa from GrayDaysandCoffee started iPhriday.  It’s all about sharing photos taken with a mobile phone, on a Friday. Everybody is welcome to join in. We are all phriends here.

You can see my previous iPhriday posts by clicking this link – iPhriday posts.

Enjoy your weekend Pholks!

Deb 🙂

7 Replies to “iPhriday – remind me again how old I am”

  1. Cute pic, you brave GIRL! I was eating a bite of breakfast as I was reading your post, and I burst out laughing at the “until the lady got down” line. Some of my breakfast landed on the screen. (tmi…but you’re really funny!)

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