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Birthday girl!

Weekly photo challenge: In admiration of Ruby

Show us someone or something you admire (and tell us about them, too)!  This week’s photo challenge is all about admiration.  As we’ve just been to see my mother-in-law to help celebrate her birthday, I thought I’d share a few words about Ruby! R – Reflective, reliable, responsible, resplendent and rational – a calming influence, willing to share her wisdom with all…

Every day is an adventure – 96/365 – magazine adventure

Every day is as an adventure in my world – Women’s Running magazine ! This is very exciting – I replied to a request in a women’s running magazine recently, they were looking for women who took up running over the age of 40.  They asked for 100 words and a photo and I sent something in as I’ve enjoyed learning to run…

Waving while running

Running and blogging over the age of 50 – a rare combination?

I recently found this very interesting site, Run Young 50, which talks about women from all over the world, who are over 50 and who also blog about running. My blogging (and running) friend Annie at Unsporty Women Can Run was featured on this list and I am thrilled to say that I’m now featured on it as well!!  There are a few…

Eclectic Corner #11 – Week 2 – Momentarily

Momentarily In the scheme of things We are on this world but momentarily. How we leave the world is more important than the number of years we live in regards to what we’ve done and what we’ve achieved. What will we be remembered for? What will we leave behind as our legacy? What memories and stories will they tell? Momentarily is the…

Looking ahead

The issue of ageing is something we all face and everyone has their own take on how they will cope. Some are grateful for the chance to get older as they have lost family and friends at an early age and know how precious life is. Others fight it all the way by putting toxins in their bodies for the chance…

Birthday thoughts

I’m officially another year older today. Funnily enough I don’t feel any older than I did yesterday! I have had the best day – presents, a day off work, a nice walk/run, a long lunch with 2 other birthday friends, our town’s Christmas street party and lots of lovely messages, hugs and kisses from friends and family. I’m definitely feeling the…

Weekly writing challenge: Golden Years – ageing gracefully

Here’s my post for a recent Weekly Writing Challenge on the Golden years and ageing.

How did I get to this point in life?? I honestly don’t know how I came to be in my early fifties, I don’t feel that old!!

In actual fact my body isn’t that old…..what do I mean by that?

I have been doing a health and fitness challenge for the past few months and one of the steps has been a body composition analysis. At the beginning my body age was 45 (despite my actual age of 53) and at the end of the challenge my body’s age was 42. This has made me very happy!!  I am feeling fit, healthy and fantastic and I’m in my early fifties – how lucky am I?

I love this picture of a teenage me, all bright eyed and bushy tailed!! I am still that teenage girl on the inside, despite the outside saying something different.  I firmly believe that if you think you are old, then you are old.  This can happen to people at any age.  I am happy to report that I don’t think I’m old so therefore I’m not old!

I have learnt so much along the way and gained so much from life changing events that I wouldn’t even consider swapping to return to my younger self, if I was given the chance. I’m happy being this age at the moment – this is the oldest I’ve ever been.

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