Through the trees

Looking through the trees – Day 3 of Seven Day Nature Challenge

through the trees

This is my third entry in the Seven Days of Nature challenge – my first entry is also a solitary image but completely different to this photo, whereas my second day photo is a bit similar.  What can I say, I like mornings! Do you or are you more a night owl sort of person?

 Thanks again to Desleyjane  and Una Vista di San Fermo for nominating me to post a nature photo each day for seven days.  They are both very accomplished bloggers and take some amazing photos, so I appreciate their kind words about my blog and for asking me to join in.  Anyone is welcome to join this challenge just post a nature photo each day for seven days!

Seven days of nature 3/7

As it’s also Friday I’ll post this as my iPhriday shot where we share a photo taken on our phones sometime during the week. It’s always interesting to see what others share. You can see my previous iPhriday posts by clicking this link – iPhriday posts

Have a great weekend!

Deb 🙂


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  1. Gorgeous colors through the trees Debbie, enjoy the weekend.

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  2. I love early mornings too, there’s so much promise in the quiet and peace of a still early morning. Your photos are beautiful.

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  3. I love early mornings but don’t always get out into them. When I do get outside or stand and watch the changing morning light I understand why people love the mornings. However I confess I find it hard to get up out of bed in winter. Louise

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    • Thanks for replying Louise. I am often not in the mood to get out early but when I do I’m always glad that I made the effort. Winter is so hard I agree! Nice to have you pop by. 😊

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      • I checked out you blog a few weeks ago and read quite a few pages but didn’t write any comments. we have a bit in common and I will be revisiting to comment soon. I had to laugh at your Hummingbird on Speed label. I work with one of those but I refer to her as a Human Dynamo.
        Yes anyway – I love books, am trying to get back into running and keeping fit, worked in the community sector in Melbourne, have two beautiful daughters though not married and a husband who is lately saying ” the year I touched my toes followed by the year I sat on my arse blogging about it.” Gotta go he just came back home.

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