A whimsical edge – for someone who hates edges

A whimsical edge…..

Edge of the driveway under flood
Edge of the driveway under flood

I hate edges

Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that I am scared of heights, hate edges and will often ‘freeze’ at the most inopportune moment.

An edge, a precipice, a narrow ridge – these are all things I really don’t like. I hate being close to the edge, climbing over rocks, cliffs, drops, narrow paths that wind up and down over mountainous passes, suspension bridges, jumping over gaps – get the drift?

And yet I have pushed myself to walk in the Himalayas in Nepal, along the Kokoda Track’s jungle ridges in Papua New Guinea, abseiled over cliffs, cycled along scary tracks and skied down steep slopes in Italy.

So it is good to share this edge photo for this week’s photo challenge  – it’s a softer focus edge shot,  as our driveway slowly gets covered in water from heavy rain.  It’s the actual edge of the driveway which is under flood, but it’s a whimsical take on the theme and an altogether less scary type of  edge.

Just to torture myself, here are two of my favourite edgy photos.  These are pictures of Cheddar Gorge in England’s South West. I couldn’t get too close to the edge so I took this photo looking back over towards the cliffs we had just walked around.

I love the natural lines and the rugged edges in these pictures.  If they could talk, I’m sure they’d tell us all a few stories of what they’ve seen over the years!

Impressive cliffs of Cheddar Gorge
I’m serious – move away from the edge!

I’m one of those people who tell complete strangers to move back if I think they are too close to the edge and I even feel myself leaning backwards when I see someone too close.  It’s weird I know but I can’t stop myself from doing it!

I had way more fun today when I put on my purple gumboots and splashed my way through the huge puddles and potholes on my driveway! I wrote a story about my purple gumboots a while back 🙂

In the meantime I’ll continue to face my fear of edges head on.

Debbie 🙂

PS.  This post is based on a previous post where I talked about my fear of edges. I’ve used creative license to update and reblog this earlier post.  It is my blog after all!

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27 Replies to “A whimsical edge – for someone who hates edges”

    1. Thanks Louise, that thought crossed my mind too as I posted it. It is just tufts of grass on the edge of the driveway when all is said and done but it has turned out quite differently hasn’t it? I’m glad you understand 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it has eased up but we have more heavy rain forecast for later this week. We have had more than enough!! Thanks for comment on my photo and post, always love getting your comments 🙂


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