Nostalgic for travel – Weekly Photo Challenge

How do they do it?  How do they know what I’m thinking?  It seems every time I open up the weekly photo challenge lately it’s something that has been on my mind and so relevant to me at that moment. I enjoy planning my post throughout the day (usually Saturday here in Aus) and wet, windy, miserable days are best suited for just such an activity!

And so it is with Facebook too, reminding me of my past adventures and memories.  Is  it any wonder I’m feeling nostalgic for a past full of travels, while the rain tumbles down relentlessly outside?

So when I saw this week’s theme – Nostalgia  I knew exactly what I wanted to write about.

What is nostalgia? – a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.

It seems that most big holidays we’ve ever taken have been at this time of the year – just coming out of our Australian winter into spring.  Maybe the prices are cheaper, the weather in the northern hemisphere not too bad and the timing of the school year not too critical but every day for the past few weeks I’ve had some reminder of our fantastic adventure– walking in Nepal, visiting India, travelling in UK and being with all my three daughters on the other side of the world, visiting friends in Sweden and Denmark, cycling in France, experiencing our very own Uluru and sailing and cycling in Croatia this time two years ago. This post features many shots from the aforementioned trips: Travel theme – fantastic. 

Just last night, before this prompt was even published, I was looking at photos from this time a few years ago and I posted this amazing photo of us sailing into Korcula in Croatia after a day of cycling in the Southern Dalmatian islands.  We had many more days of fun ahead but this photo was a highlight. Overnight it has become my most popular photo in my Instagram history, so I’m obviously not the only one who likes it!

Korcula in Croatia
On top of the world
On top of the world in Croatia

Why am I feeling so nostalgic at the moment?

  • I’m sick of the long wet winter (did I mention that it’s raining again)
  • I long for some adventure and I’m being reminded on a daily basis of past trips
  • I am out of sorts due to an impending redundancy and change being forced on me
  • There are lots of battles going on in our community and it’s very wearing
  • I love holidays and travelling the world and I miss it
  • We have a trip planned in a few weeks time to cycle the Otago Rail Trail in New Zealand with friends and I’m starting to get excited.  I love the anticipation and planning of a holiday nearly as much as the trip itself.
  • I feel a bit unfit due to said earlier wet winter and haven’t been as active as I’d like
  • An injured knee has also affected my fitness activities.  Riding a bike is easier at the moment and is better than my preferred exercise of running.
  • It’s the time of the year that we usually go away and I’m ready for an adventure!
  • I love who I am on an adventure and miss that person.

My blogging friend Louise has been posting about her trekking to Everest Base Camp in her blog, The year I touched my toes, and I sense a similar longing in her.  She also hit the nail on the head with an insightful comment she left me recently, stating that with everything that has happened this winter it’s been a real ‘winter of discontent’ for me.  So I admit to feeling nostalgic with a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.  

I’d like to thank those of you who can relate to this feeling and for those who have been with me throughout this awful time.  I’ve tried not to go on about it too much but it has affected me and I am ready for a break.  Hopefully my upcoming cycling holiday with good friends will be just the boost I need.

Thanks for sharing in my nostalgia, I’m very fortunate to have been able to undertake such amazing trips and look forward to many more.

Deb 🙂

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22 Replies to “Nostalgic for travel – Weekly Photo Challenge”

  1. Debbie I am sorry to hear of your difficult time. Add a long winter of rain and cold and no wonder you are ready to get out on an adventure! Your trip to Croatia always makes me smile as it was at that time we first connected. I hope your cycling in New Zealand is fabulous. Of course another destination on our list. Sending hugs across the miles.

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    1. Thanks Sue, I too think of our first connection and smile. The good news is that my impending redundancy and Grant’s retirement mean we can start planning and doing lots of things and of course a trip to Canada is on the list!! Not sure when but it will definitely happen. I’m looking forward to New Zealand as we’re cycling with good friends. Ros and I worked together for years and always celebrate our big birthdays together, despite me being 10 years younger. It will be fun and just what I need. Thanks for your lovely comment.


  2. It looks like an amazing trip Deb, that water especially! You must be so excited about the Otago trip coming up but I can feel your pain about upcoming changes and problems with your knee. I think the redundancy is an awful awful thing and I’m so sorry you have to go through it – it seems like you guys are the most undeserving team for something like this. Fingers crossed for a break in the rain very soon xox.

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    1. Thanks so much for your good wishes Desley. Today has been delightful, warm sunshine and I’ve taken advantage of it well and truly being like a lizard soaking up the rays. More rain is coming but I can get through it with the odd day like this. The Croatian trip was amazing with so many great photo opportunities around every corner. I am looking forward so much to NZ and am counting down the days. My knee is fine riding so I’m happy about that, I went out today for a quick ride but got swooped by magpies – I can’t win! Hope all is well with you, the AFL looked like a great event!

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      1. Oh it was such a lovely day yesterday. I spent a lot of time outside, even got a little bit of colour!!! Am glad to hear your knee is ok for riding, how long until you go to NZ? It was my first AFL grand final and it was a lot of fun. Shame the Storm didn’t do so well yesterday.

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        1. Yes I think I got some sun yesterday too, it was so nice to feel it on my skin! We leave 7 November so just over a month to go, I’ll try and ride a bit more to get into the swing of things but yesterday a magpie came a swooping so I’m not all that keen to go out again just yet. The grandfinals provided a bit of entertainment, glad you enjoyed your first encounter.


  3. Hi Deb,

    Firstly thank you for mentioning and linking to my blog.You are right I miss the wonderful adventure of Nepal but more than anything how fit I felt on the treks. I am not feeling that fitness at the moment I can tell you, but I will claw it back.

    Back to your post. You gave me a giggle with the first paragraph about The Weekly Photo Challenge knowing what you are thinking. I agree. I think there is some sort of zodiac connection!

    I love the photo of Korcula and am not surprised all your Instagram followers liked it. It’s a beautiful mainly high key tonal palette with a blush of pink and the little highlights of the lights with the black land strip giving it a bit of weight.You didn’t know I spoke “Art Speak” did you? I’m a bit rusty actually.

    I am VERY jealous about your trip to NZ and the cycling trip. Something we have been thinking about. So I am very keen to read those posts when you return. I’ve had a quick glance over the other links you have on the post and need to go back to read the ones I haven’t read before.

    One more thing. The blinking weather. I know you are getting the weather we had and there is more coming but we have some beautiful days forecast over 20 later in the week. It’s coming, it’s coming…..

    Enjoy your adventure and stay safe. Louise X

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    1. Thanks Louise I’m glad you didn’t mind me linking to your blog! I loved you ‘art speak’ and bow to your superior knowledge! I just like photos but never know exactly why I like them but you do 🙂 We can’t complain about today’s weather, it has been just beautiful and I went for a short ride only to be swooped by magpies! I’ve sat reading in the sun most of the day. We have more rain forecast but as you say the temps are rising and hopefully we can enjoy some glorious spring sunshine soon. I am looking forward to NZ and hoping it will be a cathartic trip in some ways. Also hoping that by the time I get back I will know a finishing date for work, it has been so hard to keep everyone else going let alone myself. As the manager I feel some responsibility to keep it all together but it’s very hard at times. Thanks again for your support and I’m loving your posts, they make me nostalgic too.


    1. Thanks for that, I’ll be fine I’m sure! I love looking back at what we’ve achieved and the trip to Croatia was amazing. I had my appendix out just weeks before we left so I was lucky to be able to even go on the trip!!


  4. I know exactly how you feel … this has been an ugly year for me and I’m going to miss my planned bike trip to Thailand which leaves tomorrow morning.

    Your winter is over and summer is on the way!! Hope you have LOADS of fun on your NZ bike trip. I’m SOOO jealous 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Joanne, I am really looking forward to getting away from things and cycling will keep me active! Sorry to hear about your missed tip to Thailand. Summer can’t come quick enough 🙂

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