Wordless Wednesday: Winter is coming

Wordless Wednesday

First snow fall for the year near Tumbarumba, mixed with beautiful autumn leaves
First snow fall for the year

May 29 2019

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It’s harder than you think to go Wordless, but I try to do just that each Wednesday, by sharing a photo that (hopefully) tells a story.

Feel free to join in by posting a photo using the #WordlessWednesday – it’s quite freeing, especially for those of us who like words a little too much at times 🙂

Debbie xx

It's time for Wordless Wednesday - a post without words, allowing the photo to tell the story
It’s time for Wordless Wednesday

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32 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday: Winter is coming”

      1. What?! Ur in Australia? Which part? I thought only th e barest minimum snow falls down under… Oooh yes I remember the only time I visited Australia (Sydney, Brisbane and GoldCoast)we celebrated Christmas in July. Does your snow/winter happen only in middle of the year?

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        1. In the south of New South Wales and we’re quite high above sea level so get cold snaps. We can actually see the snow on the highest mountain of Australia Mt Kosciuszko from our front verandah. Yes snow season is until about September/October.

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  1. Hi Deb, It is interesting for me to remember that “Winter is coming” for a large part of our planet. I look out the window and see “Summer is coming”😊The Fall colours are a favourite for me. A beautiful photo!

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    1. We used to ski but gave up a few years ago. It always makes me smile to see the snow on the main range from our place and as I drive into town – doesn’t matter how many years I’ve been seeing it!!

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  2. I do love the shades of Autumn Deb – to see them contrasted with those hail stones certainly reminds me of what’s coming though……as they say on GoT – Winter is Coming! sigh….

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