What does the future hold? #SundayStills

Who knows what the future holds?

I currently have four grandchildren, ranging in age from almost 1 to 3 and a bit. I love them all dearly, despite not seeing them very often, due to distance. This current pandemic isn’t helping!

The future is completely open and we are writing it moment to moment.

Pema Chodron

I often wonder what the future holds for them, especially with the world in the state it’s in at the moment. I don’t remember thinking much about the future when I was a mother of young ones of that age. Maybe because I was too busy being the mother to have time to think too much about what the future held.

My three daughters all turned out to be amazing human beings who have now gone on to produce more amazing little ones for me to love. I’ve written before about a grandmother’s love and here – as they get older it just deepens those feelings.

Recent Gatherings

We were lucky to get Christmas in with 2 of 3 daughters and 3 of 4 grandchildren together in one place – at the beach no less – and what a joy those few days were! I wrote about it and shared lots of photos in last week’s Sunday Stills post, looking back at 2021.

So it was a big surprise, but a happy one brought on by unfortunate circumstances, when my daughter rang saying they had no power due to storm damage and wouldn’t be getting it back on for about a week.

Could they come ‘home’ with the two kids and she could work from ‘home’ while they enjoyed our power and all the joys like TV, fridge and freezer, aircon, lights…of course it would be our pleasure!

And it was. A huge pleasure. It’s been a real gift 🙂

So what has all this got to do with the future?

I don’t know exactly but maybe I’m just feeling a bit tired and emotional as they’ve all gone home now and the house is too quiet and calm!

I want the best for my children and my grandchildren but things seem hard for them at the moment and I’m trying not to worry unnecessarily.

I love the openness in the little ones, their utmost trust that we’ll catch them when they jump into the pool again and again, their big eyes soaking everything up, the early morning cuddles in bed as they pad their way into our bed and the way they put their little hands in ours….

jumping in
jumping in and trusting she’ll be caught

I can’t help but look at their little faces and wonder what their future holds – we give them opportunities, play games, read books, talk, sing, take them places, show them things, give them our time and love – and yet I continually wonder. They are learning about the world and are so curious about everything. Are we doing enough?

Here’s my collection for Sunday Stills – two of my grandchildren over the past few precious days, making memories and falling more in love every day. A few of these photos were taken by my daughter (obviously the ones with me in them), but I think you get my drift.

Sunday Stills in 2022

Terri is back with Sunday Stills photo challenge for 2022 and the prompt this week is prompt is ‘future‘. You can read Terri’s post here – The future is ours

I’m also linking up with Denyse for #lifethisweek linkup – it’s always good to share!

All my Sunday Stills posts can be found here – I’ve been doing these for quite some time now!

What about you?

What does the future hold for you?

Thanks for reading and indulging me. I can only imagine the world they’ll all grow up in and I look forward to being there to help them on their way.

Deb x

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36 Replies to “What does the future hold? #SundayStills”

  1. Such a privilege to be sharing moments with grandchildren no matter when, but right now, you know it is even more special. Lovely loving words Deb, and beautiful images. No, as mothers we had no time for what we can do as grandmothers and that is the pleasure and privilege we have. Denyse

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    1. So true Denyse, I’m so fortunate to be able to share these moments, planned or not, with my family. We are indeed privileged as grandmothers to be in this position. I love it! Thanks for always understanding.

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      1. So lovely to re-visit this post Debbie. The joy and shared love is so awesome. I am so glad I made many, many memories via iphone of the years 2008-2014 caring for up to 4 of our grandkids & sometimes they are such lovely videos for me to peruse. Oldest grandkids – 25,22 and almost 21, have their lives shared with us on a mix of movies made with a movie camera. Some I can watch on old VCR. The advent of the smart phones with great recording make such a difference.
        Thank you for sharing your post with us for Life This Week Link Up at Denyse Whelan Blogs. I hope to see you back next Monday. Denyse.

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  2. What a wonderful week together Deb (even if it was for an annoying electricity outage). I try not to worry too much about my kids and grandgirls – they all seem resilient and are dealing with these uncertain times in completely different ways, but it’s working for them. I tend to focus on how well they’re doing and not to think about things I have no control over. I refuse to let covid ruin any more than it already has (and will yet put a spanner in!). Looking at your photos, your family is weathering the storm really well too x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Leanne, yes we are going well all things considered and the time together has been brilliant fun. I try not to worry too but sometimes it takes over if I let it get away from me. It was nice to share this ‘thoughtful’ post as something a bit different.

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  3. This is a huge question Deb, especially in these times. Actually so much pops into my head when I think about. Most importantly I hope the future holds a visit to Noosa to see my grandsons. I’m sure you’re sick of hearing about that little issue. Other that here’s hoping the future brings more peace, land ve and happiness.

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  4. As if they had to ask ‘can we come over?’! The answer was always going to be ‘yes, get here as soon as you can!’. Time spent with grandchildren is very precious. I think it is only as you get older that you spend more time worrying about the future, as you rightly say, when the children are young you are too busy with dealing with the here and now to think too much about what is happening in the world which can affect their future.

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    1. I know right Deb???? They didn’t have to ask at all 🙂 I agree with you about how things change as we get older and have more time and perspective, it’s a lovely time!


  5. This is such an amazing post to read, Debbie! Spending a week with your daughter and grandkids sounds delightful. Must have been kismet for the power to go out! I remember my mom was so active and engaged with my daughters when they were little–she traveled 600 miles every 2-3 months to visit and spend time with them. Count your blessings, my friend. And keep showing them the love of your lifestyle–you are building a leisure legacy for them despite the state of the world, one that they will cherish– I know I did when my parents dragged us all over California on camping trips and beyond! Awesome post and perfect for “future.”

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    1. Many thanks Terri, it just came to me as I looked back at photos from our time together, (an unexpected bonus). I agree to the building of a leisure legacy by showing them what’s available and giving them opportunities to share with us. It’s such a lovely time of life.

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  6. Hi Deb, what beautiful photos and memories you are creating with your family especially your grandchildren. I feel the same about my grandsons – what will their future be like. Ethan is having his first COVID vaccination today and I’m anxious about whether he will have a reaction or not. I’m anxious that Elliot isn’t old enough yet for a vaccine especially at the moment when daily numbers are rising in Qld much higher than before. I think all we can do is love them, be with them, guide them and be there for them. The future isn’t in our hands is it? Just beautiful photos really brightened my morning. #lifethisweek

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    1. Thanks very much for your lovely comments Sue, the memories we are creating makes me so happy! There are always things to worry about but we are doing our best and that’s all we can do sometimes. Hope all is well with Ethan.

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  7. That last picture of your little one is so perfect. I hope you have framed it. Wow! Can you imagine having kids during the Great Depression or during World War II, when my mother grew up? I can’t. Yet Mom turned out just fine and had a long successful life as did my brother and me. My mom had two children with disabilities (out of 2) growing up with the threat of nuclear explosions destroying the world and then the never-ending Viet Nam War. We were fine. We can’t see into the future, but I suspect that children who get as much love as your grandchildren are soaking up right now, will be just fine, too. That’s my humble prediction anyway! 🙂

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    1. I know what you mean about kids growing up in the depression era but can’t imagine living like that! The love I feel for my grandchildren is palpable and I’m sure they feel it and know it already! Thanks for your wonderful (and humble) prediction, it sounds like a great result!

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  8. I visit my mum (overnight) regularly but occasionally go to stay for a few days if I’m really low. She always loves having me there and doesn’t seem to have the same (I need space) issues I do. I’m not sure I’d be as tolerant, though of course I have had her and dad stay with me for extended periods and have looked after her / them at her place as well. I saw someone the other day whose kids have recently left home, say she was excited to have one of them come to visit for lunch. And I thought that was lovely.

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    1. It’s always lovely to have your grownup kids want to come ‘home’ and enjoy the experience so that made me happy! Thanks Deb for sharing your thoughts 🙂


  9. That was a lovely surprise Debbie having the family over to stay. We had my son and his girlfriend over for ten weeks last year to get away from the lockdown in Melbourne and it was just perfect
    I really don’t look at the future very much and tend to live by the day. The future is unpredictable and never turns out how you expect it to

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It really was a lovely surprise visit and so much fun because of that! The future is so uncertain and planning is impossible at the moment anyway, in my opinion. Thanks for your visit!


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