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Spring in Australia seems to have been very wet this year and it hasn’t been all that warm where I live (yet) either. For mid-November it’s still quite cool with the odd day of warm sunshine which we relish.

Tumba creek
Tumba creek

As I haven’t been able to walk my usual route due to soggy wet paddocks, I’ve taken to walking along the Tumbarumba Creek when I’m in town. It’s a nice little circuit that gets me out in the fresh air and I’ve been monitoring the level of the creek during the recent wet weather.

Tumba creek path under water
Tumba creek path under water

Some days the path has been muddy and almost impassable and other days, like yesterday the path has been completely underwater. The creek has flooded more times in the past month than I’ve ever known it to. The sound of the water pushing its way down the creek is amazing, so loud and wild!

While the flooding isn’t good, it’s not as bad as some areas in the country where houses and businesses have flooded for the third time in as many weeks. Our rain gauge has measured 165mm so far in November, that’s a lot of water on top of already soggy wet ground!

Tumba creek rocks
Tumba creek in flood

I remember my father telling us to take our shoes off if we were walking home from school in the rain, rather than ruin our shoes and this image, courtesy of Pexels.com, says it perfectly. Jumping in puddles is fun regardless of our age! Thanks for the great advice dad.

Photo by Noelle Otto on Pexels.com

Walking Squares

Becky has her Squares challenge running for the month of November, where we can share any photo on the theme of walking, as long as it’s square. You can see Becky’s Day 15 post here – A familiar place. She is posting daily but invites anyone to join her whenever they feel like it.

I hope you enjoyed my square photos today, hopefully the rain will ease soon but the weather predictions aren’t looking too positive on that front! Thinking of all those who are seriously impacted by floods and bad weather.

Deb 🙂

squares logo
Becky’s squares logo

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16 Replies to “Where I walk #WalkingSquares”

  1. That certainly look like you’ve had some wet weather for you lately. Is it supposed to be summer there now? Or still spring? We’re moving into winter now, although the weather (except wind and rain) doesn’t agree, it’s very warm for the season.
    Your father was quite clever about taking your shoes off when walking home in the rain! It has to be quite warm though!

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  2. oh gosh that’s a lot of water and to keep happening over and over again. Man we can’t get rain in our spring and you guys get too much. Isn’t the weather crazy? Hope all is well. Enjoying Becky’s challenge a LOT. Bernie

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  3. Fun post, Deb. I loved jumping in puddles as a kid. In Indiana, we had lots of rain in the summer as you have had in Australia this year. So feet in the water was a regular activity. I’m sorry for all your flooding. We had 13.65 inches over the summer, which goes into hundreds of rain gullies all over the city to help prevent flooding. Arizona has flash floods that spring up in a minute, can catch people unaware, and can cause drownings. Then they go away almost as quickly. Our soil doesn’t stay saturated and become boggy like yours. Hope you get some nice weather this summer. 🙂

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    1. It’s always interesting to hear how weather is impacting in other areas around the world Marsha. I didn’t know about the flash flooding in Arizona could be so deadly! Summer has arrived I’m happy to say 🙂

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