iPhriday – road trip

We’re on a road trip for the weekend!  We’re off to Melbourne with the newlyweds to collect the official wedding photos – it just so happens that the photographers are my highly talented sister and her husband and it’s my birthday weekend so I’m expecting to be spoilt! Bring it on 🙂

Here’s a pic of the newlyweds…..they got married just over a month ago.  I wrote a post all about it…Wedding of the Year.

image image

Lisa from GrayDaysandCoffee recently started iPhriday where she shares photos taken with her mobile phone, on a Friday, rather than using all her usual fancy photography gear.  I decided to join in too!

I always use my iPhone for my photos and  I like the idea of posting a photo every Friday and seeing what others are sharing too. If you feel like joining in then please do!

The weekend is here again and it’s a very special one for ME!!!!!

Deb 🙂

12 Replies to “iPhriday – road trip”

  1. Happy Birthday Deb, I know you will have a good celebration, enjoy the weekend. Nice casual pic of the newlyweds, they look relaxed and lovely. Looking forward to seeing some of the official wedding photos soon.


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