Drum roll please…..and the winner is

I wasn’t expecting that!

No really! That was my most viewed post of 2015.

I’ve been looking at my blog stats for 2015 and have been very surprised about what featured in my top 10 of posts viewed.  Posts on babies and weddings collected the top votes based on what the stats show with running not far behind.

In 2015 I uploaded 292 posts and had 15402 people view my blog with 6507 likes and 2361 comments left for me.  These numbers have increased significantly from 2014. It may not be many viewers for some bloggers but for this little black duck it’s stupendous.

If you missed my some of top posts here they are again:

1. I wasn’t expecting that! Unconditional Love…

Such a cutie! Photo by AC.I wrote this post for my daughter’s impending 30th birthday back in April 2015 and didn’t expect it to become my most viewed post of the year. It must have been her cute baby photo that caught everyone’s attention!


2. My It’s all about me page – this page gives people an overview of me and what I’m all about on my blog.  It’s good to see that readers are checking out my page before deciding if they want to follow my blog or not.

3. Fridge anyone?
This post was written in response to illegal dumping in the forest near my house and the accusation that bike riders would dump such things as fridges, when a proposed Rail Trail goes aimagehead in our town.  This was shared by the local Rail Trail supporters Facebook page and so this pushed up the views.  It’s interesting that for all the views this post received there wasn’t a single comment made on this post!!

4. Venturing into a Brave New World

Mother of the Bride with flowers- trial bouquets

As most of my readers would know we had our first family wedding in November and I became very excited as a new Mother of the Bride (MOB).  I wrote a series of posts updating my progress as MOB and these were very well received.  I also dedicated a page for all my MOB updates to be in one place. My Victory post, which was my final MOB update, and my MOB update #3 Trials and Chook runs – were both in the top 10. The latest exciting news is that our youngest daughter has just announced her engagement which means that I get to do the MOB thing all over again!! (Maybe)

5. Feeling inspired and supported as a runner – I continued with my running posts during the year despite having some ups and downs.  This post was written in response to the support my local masseur and gym have given me over the past few months when I was in a bit of a running rut.  It was shared on the local gym’s Facebook page which probably explains why it’s up there.

My most viewed post ever was from 2014 entitled Shock and was a very personal response to a family tragedy.

All of my Weekly Photo Challenge posts have been popular too throughout the year with many views recorded. I enjoy these prompts and often have to think long and hard before posting.  I like the creative challenge.

It just goes to show me that personal stories and things that I feel strongly about are what attracts readers to my blog.

The other interesting stat is that unlike last year, most of my views came from the US with my home country of Australia in second place, followed by UK, Canada, Denmark, India, New Zealand, Brazil, Netherlands and Germany. I have a few blogging friends from around the world who regularly leave comments and I thank them for their ongoing support –  Desley, Lucile, Justine, Annie and Terri.

I have enjoyed compiling this summary on a wet Sunday afternoon. Let me know what your fave post was for the year. I’d love to know what you think.

Thanks to everyone who has ever visited my blog, viewed my posts or left me a comment, I really appreciate it.

Debbie 🙂

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