Wordless Wednesday – a winter wonderland

Welcome to Wordless Wednesday 

Welcome to our very own Winter Wonderland here in Australia.  It doesn’t snow here very often anymore but this morning we woke to find everything covered in fresh powdery snow. It was amazing!

Anyone for breakfast on the deck?
Snow falling

Stay warm people!


23 Replies to “Wordless Wednesday – a winter wonderland”

  1. I’m a little jealous and also not. I don’t like the cold but I would like to see snow. Today here is cold, wet, windy and miserable. Winter,is only supposed to be a Wednesday. This continuous cold for 3 or more days is uncalled for.

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    1. Oh dear! We have had the coldest, wettest, greyest and most miserable winter in years. It doesn’t look like improving anytime soon. The brief drop of snow was a bonus in a way. Stay warm and dry!


    1. Thanks! A lot of people don’t realise we get snow here in Aus so it’s good to share pics when we do. It is such a lovely quiet atmosphere when it snows, not to mention beautiful. I’m sure you are enjoying your summer at the moment. I’m jealous of warm sunny days 😊


    1. I know Ruth, a lot of people don’t think we get snow here so it’s good to share it around when we do. We live near NSW ski fields so we get used to seeing snow on the main range from our front verandah. Lucky us!


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