Against the Odds – Weekly Photo Challenge

I’m away from home this week, taking in the city lights, enjoying a different pace of life, seeing new things, playing tourist and unexpectedly meeting up with some blogging friends.

I decided for this week’s photo challenge to focus on a great movie I saw this week.  It was called Lion and is a classic Against the Odds story.  I won’t give anything away but suffice to say I enjoyed it immensely!  I saw it at a suburban movie theatre called the Lido here in Hawthorn (Melbourne), so decided to take a photo of the cinema 🙂 in grainy black and white.

Against the Odds – This week, share a photo that says “against the odds.” Maybe it’s a photo of an unlikely occurrence. Maybe it’s the photo itself that goes against the odds — a shot you never thought you’d get. Maybe it’s a photo of something you’re not sure you’ll be able to do.


Here is the poster advertising the movie Lion, I highly recommend seeing it!


I also must admit to enjoying my ‘forced’ retirement more than I thought possible – Against all Odds!!  Last year was so fraught and difficult I never thought I’d be in this place, happy, relaxed and enjoying this lifestyle as much as I am.

Here I am relaxing in the gardens of an historic home while the busy city carries on around me.  I am oblivious to the noise and hurly burly, I’m secluded in the gardens, just reading my book.  Against the odds indeed 🙂


Enjoy the week ahead and make the most of all opportunities life throws at you.  You never know what will happen!

Deb xx

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12 Replies to “Against the Odds – Weekly Photo Challenge”

  1. Good to hear that you are finding retirement an enjoyable time 🙂 Lion is an amazing film and true story. Last night we watched “Hidden Figures” which is another great movie based on true events and people, that would also fit this prompt. Have fun on your city break, Debbie.

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