Three questions on a Friday #2

It’s Friday again – fabulous, fantastic and fun-filled – feel free to insert your own F word here!

As I said last week, I’m enjoying a great podcast called Too Peas in a Podcast where Mandy and Kate talk honestly and openly about their lives with their children, twins and disabilities.

Their podcast has been an eye-opener for me in lots of ways. It has also been something I can relate to, with my newest experience of being a grandmother of a baby still in NICU after she was born at 25 weeks gestation, ten weeks ago. I walk along in the bush, listening to the podcast, laughing, learning, crying and nodding along.

They finish some episodes by answering these three simple questions, but as many people commented last week, they may seem simple, but they are in fact quite complex. I was heartened that it wasn’t just me who found some of them hard to answer:)

Please leave me a comment with what made you happy, sad or something that made a difference to you this week. I’m always happy to hear your news and what’s happening in your world.

What made me happy this week?

My daughter and her husband found out the sex of their first baby and have shared the happy news with family and friends. More info to come shortly – yes I’m allowed to spill the beans!

My mother is visiting and has done all my ironing, re-folded my towels (properly) and washed some shoes I’m taking overseas, as ‘I couldn’t possibly take them looking like that!’ It’s always lovely to have mum stay and we enjoy the catchup as we don’t live very close to each other. We make the most of our time together and with other family nearby.

What made me sad this week?

Yes I’ve been feeling tired lately, (I have a lot going on in my life) but when not one, but two people, stop me in the street and tell me I’m looking tired in the one day, I take it a bit personally. Sure you can think it, but don’t say it to my face, I’m already feeling a bit vulnerable and now I just feel awful.

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

Why do people feel they have to tell you you’re looking tired/sad/sick?

Just be kind and ask what you can do to help someone instead of telling them they look worn out.

What made a difference this week?

After being told I looked so tired, I took myself off for a little walk in nature, along the creek in town, and enjoyed the peacefulness and serenity. It made a world of difference to me. This was one of the shots I took as I wandered along in the late afternoon. Can you feel the serenity?

Tumbarumba creek
Tumbarumba creek

We’ve moved to a new dentist and had our first checkups this week, and we’re both very happy!

Especially me, if you read my recent post The tooth that broke the camel’s back you’d understand why! The difference is I won’t be quite so anxious about visiting the dentist from now on 🙂

Update on Team Tiny Dottie

Our Team Tiny Dottie made a difference too, we raised $2610 for Life’s Little Treasures Foundation, an organisation committed to helping families of premature babies. We did the 10th Annual Walk for Prems last Sunday in Canberra and we’re proud of our fundraising efforts. It was a fun family event for baby Dottie, and don’t you just love the sign she sent us (bottom left)?

I laughed and I cried and I made a difference all with this one activity – life can’t get much better than that!

OK it’s your turn – what would your answers be?

Have a fabulous weekend and week ahead.

Deb xx

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29 Replies to “Three questions on a Friday #2”

  1. I love this so much, Deb. I couldn’t agree more about telling someone they look tired. I love your solution of doing something to help instead. Okay for my three answers: 1) I had dinner with one daughter and her children and lunch with the other this week, which made me very happy. 2) My mom fell in the garage and didn’t have her medical necklace on. It took her about an hour to get to her telephone. She is okay, but the thought of her hurt and afraid makes me really sad. 3) I took a full day for me, going to the gym, getting a spa pedicure, and having my hair done. That made a big difference for me feeling recharged. Here’s to another good week, Deb!

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    1. Thanks Christie, I’m so happy you caught up with your daughters this week, lucky you! I hope your mum is OK, it’s a scary time isn’t it? How lovely to spend the day that was, recharging is so important. I’m having my hair done next week and can’t wait. Have a great week 🙂


  2. Hi, Deb – Congratulations to Dottie and her team. I love these good news updates. As for those who told you that you look tired — they obviously need glasses. You are truly beautiful inside and out!
    Here are my answers to your questions:
    1. Hallowe’en (I LOVE this holiday).
    2. Continued reminders that ageing is not for sissies.
    3. Being part of a strong community — on so many levels.

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    1. Hi Donna, thanks again for your congrats on our fundraising efforts, I’ve been so amazed at everyone’s generosity. You made me smile with your comment, and I needed that so thank you 🙂 . So happy with your answers and I totally agree about the fact that ageing isn’t for sissies! I also love being a part of a strong community, it makes the world a much better place doesn’t it?


  3. Hi Deb – I think people are trying to show that they care and are noticing your when they comment on how we look, but it can have the opposite effect (as it did with you). It’s a tricky one isn’t it? Perhaps just asking how we’re feeling or the good old “are you okay?” question would be a better start.
    Congrats on the money raised and I bet you’re now counting down the days until you fly off to the UK again – it’s now officially November so it’ll be soon!!

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  4. Hi Deb I just had lunch with some ladies from the ST60 & Beyond FB group which made me feel happy. I’ve been struggling with my course which has made me feel sad and although no one has said it I think I need a makeover! An email from a reader has made a difference this week. Here is an excerpt ‘. Your information and stories have been an absolute inspiration and as well as myself I am sure you have helped many people discussing every day problems. Thankyou, Thankyou from the bottom of my heart.’ Well done on the money raised on behalf of Dottie for the Life’s Little Treasures foundation. Congratulations on another grandchild and lucky you being able to share with us. Can you send your Mum over when she leaves I could do with a Mum at the moment. Have a great weekend, Deb. xx

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    1. How lovely for you Sue, I’m glad you all had a great time meeting up. What a lovely email to get, and it’s so perfect, as you do make a real difference to so many of us. I’m sure mum would love to help you out 🙂 . Enjoy the weekend and try not to stress about your course work, although it’s easier said than done xx


  5. Hi Deb. We luckily managed to catch up with all three of our sons in the last week and that really made us so very happy. Great to spend time with them but of course the thing that made me unhappy was leaving each one and saying ‘see you at Christmas’. Seems such a long time.What’s made a difference is that we’ve just started a long housesit for the whole of the month and after 6-7 weeks of continually being on the go it will be nice to be able to relax and catch up a little. Just do nothing for a bit perhaps.

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    1. That’s fabulous news all round Jonno! I’m very happy for you. We leave for our return trip to the UK in two weeks time, so maybe start getting the weather in order for us 🙂 . I hate saying goodbye to my daughters too. A long house-sit must be a great feeling after being on the go, relax and enjoy it.

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      1. Hopefully the weather will start behaving a little in the next couple of weeks then. We’re not far from where you’ll be visiting I believe so fingers crossed it’s a little warmer.

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  6. Hi Deb, I read your post before bed last night. In the middle of the night I had an aha moment on the “happy” category. My daughter also had a gender reveal party last week for baby number two. What made me extra teary, happy? She wanted me again to be with her in the birthing room. She said I was very intuitive and great on what she needed throughout labour last time. Sob. Sob. 🙂 Now, only if I can make it on time. Second babies come very quickly in our family. Dottie is looking bigger and more thriving every week. Hang in there Mama Bear xx

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  7. Hi Debbie! Where I live now people often tell me I look tired and they have that worried look on their face. I tell them — this is just my face! But really they aren’t helping by saying that.

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  8. Such precious little ones. All the best with the wee one and the one to come. My answers 1) Seeing my son and family 2) Getting shingles😢 3)My husband (who is on a rotation of 5 / 12 hr shifts) made me a pot of delicious homemade chicken soup on his switchover from day to night shifts. He’s the best!

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    1. Thanks Annemarie, that’s very kind of you! Oh poor you getting shingles, that’s not good at all. What a nice husband you have to make you chicken soup and seeing your son and family must have made you very happy! Love that you joined in, so many thanks 🙂

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  9. When you’re feeling out of sorts there really is nothing worse than someone telling you that you look tired or sick – you can think it, but don’t say it out loud!
    You did brilliant in your fund raising and I love that sign that Dottie sent to support you – I bet you are counting the days to seeing her again.
    So my answers are 1 – feeling better after three weeks of feeling awful 2 – Mother in Law very frail and needing much support from carers now 3 – Monday morning meeting up for brunch with our son, daughter in law and baby Max and also getting a well overdue hair cut. Isn’t it amazing how much better you feel after you’ve had a bit of pampering?

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    1. Exactly right Deb, when you’re tired or out of sorts, you know you’re not firing on all cylinders! We were very pleased with our fundraising efforts and we leave in less than two weeks, so it’s getting close now! I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better but sorry about your MIL. A family brunch is a great way to feel happy and yes nothing beats a pampering session. I’m off to the hairdressers on Monday 🙂 Thanks for joining in!


  10. Talk about stating the obvious when telling someone that they are tired. Getting away from life by absorbing the peacefulness of nature is so important. Les’s Dad is under palliative care at the moment, and today we had a day off from 2 hours of driving each day for the last week. It was fun to catch up with family and spend time together. Had beach walks. Unfortunately, it has only been a few months ago his Mum died! Enough about that. Hopefully, as time passes life will become less stressful for you, Deb. Take care.

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  11. It sounds like a very engaging podcast for those who can relate in some way. And I like the questions because they’re so direct and actually, even though they’re simple, they’re things we probably don’t take a step back to reflect on fully enough. Congrats to your daughter & her husband, exciting times to find out the baby’s sex! I’m sorry you’re feeling so tired and worn down and you’re right, it’s not the most uplifting to be told how tired you look. “Tell me something I don’t know!” 😂 The optimal response would of course be “and you’re looking rather ignorant”.
    Congrats on the money raising, that’s amazing! And I love that park/creek area, it looks beautiful there. I hope you can take some time out this week for yourself, Deb, some down time to rest and recuperate a little.
    Caz xx

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    1. Thanks Caz, there is light at the end of the tunnel with our upcoming trip to see my daughter and Dottie. Only about a week to go, so all the worrying about packing, what to take, things to get done….will be over soon. The creek area is really beautiful and we are lucky to live in such a lovely part of the world. Thanks for your support xx


  12. First, a comment. When I was little Poppa used to tell me that he caught the trout we’d have for dinner by hitting it over the head with 4×2 when they came up for air in the Tumba creek. Secondly, no, don’t tell me I look tired. You’ve had & have got a lot going on, so it’s great that you’ve had some time with your mother & some time in nature. x

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    1. Thanks Jo, I love your connection to Tumba and your understanding of life here. There are still trout in there! Also thanks for telling me I’m ok for feeling annoyed at being told I look tired. I’m into the calm before the storm period with less than a week at home before we head off to see MIL for a few days then flying out in 15/11. Still not packed 😬

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  13. Hi Deb,
    A happy thing…visiting “Misty of Chincoteague”, a novel from my childhood.
    A sad thing…leaving our little NH cottage and our wonderful neighbors (btw, everyone is entitled to be tired from time to time – you’ve had a lot on your plate!)
    Something that made a difference…being greeted so warmly by my snowbird friends here in our FL community, I actually felt loved and appreciated!

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