Jump starting my way through October

Welcome to my world!

Grab a drink, get comfy and jump in for a chat. I’ll even share some of my favourite scones with you (recipe included) 🙂

Thanks for dropping by, it’s always great to see you. These monthly chats are a fun way to collate the news of my world and help me realise that I don’t sit around doing nothing all day!

Let’s talk about jumping, music, riding my bike, spring weather, being a woman and more…..

Jump – is my WOTY

Reminder: My word of the year (WOTY) is Jump, so my monthly updates tend to use this as a theme. And I also try to capture a ‘jump’ photo each month.

It is with sadness that we farewelled Eddie Van Halen this month – he has inspired me with my WOTY this year with his song Jump and his action shot just says it all!

Mine not so much #challengeaccepted 🙂 – do you think this can count as my jump photo for October?? (By the way that’s me on the right, in case you’re unsure).

Weather changes

In October we had everything weather wise – cold, rain (we had flooding in town), hail, storms, and warm spring sunshine – thankfully no snow!

The garden got a bit confused but thankfully the weekend weather for the annual Spring Flower Festival was good.

Family fun

It’s been a big month for our family with lots going on. Some I can’t talk about yet, maybe one day I will. I am fortunate to have lots of kind friends who keep in contact with me, send flowers and just show they care in many ways.

We had great memories of our time in Fiji three years ago, when my daughter and son-in-law got married in a fabulous and intimate destination wedding.

We managed to catch up with two of our three daughters (the other one is in England so sadly we won’t be catching up with her for a while) and two of our grandchildren. We had a few days together which was just lovely. I thoroughly enjoyed being with my family and watching the two little cousins meet and ‘play’ with each other was delightful.

family pic - October 2020
family pic – October 2020

The new grandbaby due early next year is progressing well and this week was the size of a bunch of bananas.

I’ve also enjoyed spending time with my mum who has moved closer to us. It’s a new experience having her so close! Hopefully my sister and brother-in-law in Melbourne can visit us soon, as they slowly emerge from a serious lockdown in Victoria.

Health update

I’m happy to report my leg/knee issue are slowly resolving themselves with help from my physio and regular remedial massages. It seems it’s in the bursa (bursitis) just below the knee and I’m doing all I can to help it mend itself. I might be able to walk briskly and run again one day!! Thankfully I am fine riding my bike and between us the Mathematician and I did over 800kms in October for my Walk for Prems fundraiser.

I’ve also had other annual checks with good results 🙂 It’s so important to stay up to date with these isn’t it?

I am Woman – words to live by!

I freely admit to starting the month singing along with Helen Reddy’s ‘I am Woman’ blaring in the car. Somehow it was on repeat as I drove an hour to visit my mother, so by the end of the trip I knew the words better than ever before and my throat was sore from all that singing ( not a symptom of Covid).

The words really appealed to me and they are as true today as they were back then. Take a listen for yourself and sing along – loudly!!

If I have to, I can face anything. I am strong. I am invincible. I am woman 🙂

Words to live by! RIP Helen Reddy.

Blogging fun

I’ve had another great month of blogging, thanks for all the visits, comments and follows 🙂

I loved joining Becky’s Squares in October and I’ve kept track of my Becky’s Square posts here – it was a great community to join and I look forward to doing so again.

My #ShoutOutSaturday posts have been popular and I can’t believe I’m up to number 14 this coming Saturday!! Feel free to join in and share something or someone who has made you smile.

My favourite posts this month are these ones – please note they’re not necessarily the most popular ones! I usually choose posts that have meant something a bit special to me or were just fun to write.

I have never….

Sharing some thoughts on ‘I Have Never’ for #lifethisweek. What’s on your list?

MOJO Month November

I am participating in a challenge this month with the Australian Writers’ Centre, called MOJO Month and will tell you more about it during November. It’s sort of like the NaNoWriMo, for those who don’t necessarily want to write a novel during November, but do want to write. The course has daily challenges and interesting insights, built around M for Mindset, O for Online, J for Juice and O for Operation. So far I’ve planted sunflower seeds and written a letter to my future self – as I said it’s very interesting and I look forward to seeing what each day brings.

MOJO day 2 quote

My fail proof scone recipe

  • 2 cups self raising flour
  • 200ml milk
  • 100ml thickened cream

Mix milk and cream together and add to the flour. Mix with a knife. turn onto floured surface ad knead lightly – about 2cm thick. Cut into circles and brush with a little milk or cream. Cook at 200 degrees for about 10 mins.

Fabulous light and fluffy scones 🙂

So, that was my month, how was yours?

I’m always interested in hearing your news, so let me know what’s been happening in your world.

Thanks for reading my news and being an important part of my world.

Take care and stay well.

Deb xx

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12 Replies to “Jump starting my way through October”

  1. I had a listen to Helen Reddy. I don’t think I’ve ever listened to ALL the words before – a brilliant song indeed. Interesting scone recipe. I’ve tried the lemonade and cream scone recipe but never milk and cream. May try one day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I have forgotten which daughter is pregnant but so glad to read that the pregnancy is progressing. Size of a bunch of bananas, huh? Very good!!

    Glad you were able to enjoy time with two of your three daughters. Do you have a trip to see Dottie on the calendar? So sweet that the ‘cousins’ played together.

    Thank you for distinguishing between you and Eddie. Ha!! That made me life. I rolled around a few times this month on my yoga mat, but you would never know by looking at me. Great jumping this month.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Leslie, My middle daughter is expecting and she has little Miss 2 year old, so life will get very busy for her! We probably won’t be able to travel to see my daughter and Dottie in England until about 2022/23 at this stage!

      I’m so pleased you liked my jumping like Eddie, and needed me to point out which one was me 🙂

      Hope you are OK with all your country has going on at the moment, thinking of you xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Deb – I just realized I’d missed a few of your posts (you’re much more prolific than I am these days!) Loved catching up on your October and your foolproof scone recipe is very similar to mine. I like it because I can use the rest of the cream on the scones afterwards – the lemonade version is useless to me because I never have lemonade on hand! Also enjoyed the Fiji re-visitation and nice to see you being inspired by the blogging and writing challenges x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No drama if you miss some of my posts Leanne, I must say I’m enjoying being a bit prolific at the moment! That’s the best part of the recipe, being able to use the rest of the cream! I never have lemonade in the house either so the milk and cream version is fab for me. As we can’t go anywhere much at the moment, it’s great to look back at these memories – they make me smile.

      Liked by 1 person

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