Jump in for a chat and a February update

Welcome to Deb’s World! Feel free to grab a drink, take a seat, get comfy and I’ll fill you in on what’s been happening in my world.

Jump on board for the Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail

On top of everything else that’s been happening this month, and there’s been A LOT, I have been busy attending meetings and helping out with the plans for the opening of our Tumbarumba To Rosewood Rail Trail.

This is opening on 3 & 4 April 2020 and the festivities planned are taking a lot of time and causing some angst to me and my fellow volunteers. I admit to having a bit of a meltdown along the way but I seem to be back on track now. It’s going to be a great thing for our small town and will be worth all the hard work we’ve gone through! If you’re in the area then please consider yourself invited!

February has been a month of family

Between Baby Showers, trips to Canberra, Tumbafest and a road trip to Brisbane (a mere 1350km), I managed to see many of my family this month.

My mother; my sister, and three of her children and some of their children; my brother, his daughter and her 3 children; my daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter; my youngest daughter, son-in-law and new grandson.

Not a bad haul for a short month!

WOTY update – Jumping in puddles (again)

As you know I have chosen Jump as my WOTY (Word of the Year). Last month I shared a photo of me jumping at the beach on the NSW South Coast, and this month I’m sharing this photo of me jumping in puddles in Brisbane. They have lots of stormy weather up here at the moment and everything is looking very lush!

You might like to know that my orange Saltwater sandals are designed for wearing in water so I wasn’t worried about ruining them while jumping in puddles 🙂

Jumping in puddles Feb 2020
Jumping in puddles Feb 2020

You can read more about my reasons and ideas for 2020 in my post Jumping into the New Year.

Blogging jumps

I have had a good month with my blogging, getting into my Friday Fiction series most Fridays, where I tell you what I’ve been reading and add some reviews.

I was invited to write a few words for Jan over at Retiring Not Shy, all about why I love living in Tumbarumba after retirement. Jan asked 5 bloggers to write about why they live where they live and it was very easy for me to write, as I love my hometown of Tumbarumba!

I’ve also written a few other guest posts and they will be coming out in the weeks to come. I love being a guest, so don’t hesitate to ask me 🙂

I love the caring nature of bloggers and have a few who are very close to me and I thank them for their support. One of my favourite posts this month was all about self care and social media.

Jumping into Spotify

I decided to make a Spotify playlist with songs that have the word jump in their title and I must say it’s been a fun and useful thing to do. The songs are generally quite upbeat and so when I’ve had occasion to feel a bit low during the month I’ve put in my earphones and gone for a walk while listening to my special list of songs. It has worked by pumping me up, giving me reason to smile, sing along and making me focus on different things! Who would have thought a mixed tape could be such fun 🙂

Jumping at Tumbafest

The last full weekend in February is always Tumbafest time with a weekend of music, food and wine. Tumbafest started in 1997 and I’m proud to say we have been to every one of them!

We were both involved in helping out again this year, me in the ticket booth with Rotary and the Mathematician making pancakes and egg and bacon rolls as a fundraiser for Tumba2Kokoda 2021.

The Friday night before Tumbafest was the Blaze to Glory Rodeo, as the annual New Years Day Rodeo was cancelled due to bushfires in town. So a lot of things have been happening in our little neck of the woods!

This year Tumbarumba needed all the extra publicity to encourage people to come due to suffering badly in the recent bushfires. And the people came!! It was a huge weekend with masses of people enjoying the perfect weather and the opportunity to catch up with friends, support the locals, shop at the markets and relax with some great music – the main act was Kate Ceberano, who was fabulous!

I managed to find some time to relax, as you can see below, with my one of our daughters, son-in-law and granddaughter. They also invited some friends along; then my sister and brother-in-law decided to come from Melbourne at the last minute (YAY), and my brother, his daughter and grandchildren came over for the first time – we all had a great time together!

Then straight after lunch on Sunday the Mathematician and I started our road trip to Brisbane for the birth of our newest little grandbaby!

Jumping for Joy

This month I am jumping for joy because I have a new grandchild and our first grandson!! We were sworn to secrecy on the date of Patrick’s arrival and made it in time to wave off my daughter and son-in-law early on Thursday morning, with some trepidation I must add.

It seems as I get older I worry about what can go wrong, he was well and truly in breech position and although excited about the impending arrival (by c-section), I was also worried until we got the word of his safe arrival. I think I’m just more aware these days and being a grandmother brings lots of responsibility. It’s also about my daughters and I worry about them. Both mother and baby are doing well and were home a few days later. He was a decent 3.5kg and a long 59cm and he is just adorable! Mum and Dad are over the moon!

We were fortunate to be in the position to be on the spot when they came home from hospital, helping out in whatever way we can and just being around. We’re not staying with them, as they all need their own space to navigate their way through these early days, but we will be around for a few weeks!

I am reminded of being with my eldest daughter when she came home from hospital with Dottie after 98 days in NICU over in England and with our second daughter in Canberra when she came home with Emilia after her emergency caesarian. I am now in Brisbane with our youngest daughter and I have to say it’s a great feeling, even if a little nerve wracking!

We now have 3 grandchildren, all born within the last 18 months!! And none of them are located all that close to where we live, so I am truly a Globetrotting Granny now!

Leapling – a form of jumping every four years!

The month ends with the birthday of my UK daughter’s partner, he only gets to celebrate on the actual day once every 4 years, and this year was his first as a new dad, so it was extra special! Dottie is now over 6 months old and is going well, slowly being weaned off her oxygen which is great news. She’s a bright little Dinky Dot!!

Dottie and her dad
Dottie and her dad – photo courtesy of my daughter

That’s just a small snapshot of what went on in February but I think you get the gist! In some ways I can’t believe it’s already March but in other ways I know I’ve been super busy and have packed a lot in so far this year!

I need to take a deep breath!

So how was your February?

Let me know how the month has treated you, and as always, thanks for the chat. The first Tuesday of each month sees me share a look back at the month, feel free to join in.

Deb xx

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48 Replies to “Jump in for a chat and a February update”

  1. What a fabulous month you’ve had Deb, from your local Tumba events to the beautiful news of a third grandchild. No wonder you’re jumping for joy. Thanks for sharing all your special news. Wishing you and your beautiful family a happy new month. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Jill, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind for the past 6 months really so February’s busyness was nothing special 😊
      Wow go you!! I wish you’d well in your new book endeavour. I didn’t mention in my post that I also submitted my Dottie and the Wombat story to some publishers to look at. I haven’t heard anything yet!! Thanks so much for your visit and comment.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much Sue, I love sharing our grandparenting across the globe. I’m glad you understand the anxiety too, it’s been a real surprise to me each time my daughters have given birth. I know it’s irrational but I still get myself all worked up.

      I’ll definitely send you an email re being a guest for you 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think it’s just that maternal instinct which one never seems to be able to turn off. Sometimes it would be handy if we could.

        I’ll look forward to hearing from you when you have time. Xo

        Liked by 1 person

  2. What a fantastic time you have had recently getting to see so many members of your family. It was fab seeing your new grandson the other night when I was awake in the early hours!
    February here in the UK has just been rain rain rain rain rain rain… you get the gist!! March has shown us the sun and blue sky every day so far! Long may it continue!! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What an eventful February you had, Debbie. Congrats on your new grandchild! The Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail will be well received and well used by many people. Have a wonderful week! #sentenceaday

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Anything to get a community and its visitors moving [exercise] is a significant positive move [no pun intended 🙂 ]. Once again, congratulations on the new addition to your whanau. Awesome news X

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a fabulous month you’ve had Deb! How lucky are you to have all those beautiful grandchildren! I enjoyed that post of yours of self care around social media too – it’s so prevalent right now! Hope you have a fabulous March. Enjoy your week! xo

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I just love the name Tumbarumba! It literally rolls off the tongue! What a fabulous place to live. Sounds like “retirement” has simply afforded you the time to do the things you love! That’s the way it should be. Thoroughly enjoyed reading about your recent adventures. Congratulations on the new grands!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment and visit Deidre, it’s great to have you along! Tumbarumba is a lovely name to say and there is a poem called the Integrated Adjective that is all about Tumba-bloody-Rumba, chasing Kanga-bloody-roos 🙂 My daughters loved saying that when they were little, much to my dismay of course. It’s a great place to live too.


  7. Hi Deb – congrats again on the arrival of your grandson – and doesn’t Dottie look amazing!? I’m so glad you got to spend lots of family time and that you’ll be around to support your daughter for a few weeks – I’d have loved to have had a parent nearby helping out (never happened!). Good luck with the rail trail opening and all the Tumbarumba stuff as your area recovers from the bushfires.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  8. You’ve had a big month Deb. Your new Rail Trail looks fabulous. If I’m up that way I’ll definitely be checking it out. Not surprised you had a little melt down. You’ve had a busy and emotional few months so it’s not surprising. Also community work can be quite stressful at times. But you are always sounding positive and I love reading your posts #MLSTL Sharing

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your understanding Jennifer, a lot sure has happened in my word over the past few months so it’s not surprising I sometimes hit the wall. You’re right community work volunteering is often very stressful!! Thanks for sharing.


  9. Hi Deb, so creative with your blog posts and I just love the term ‘Leapling’. Your WOTY certainly has many uses doesn’t it? Congratulations on the arrival of Patrick! Such an exciting time. I’ve been enjoying your Friday Fiction and just read ‘When We Believed in Mermaids’ following your review. Thanks for being part of the #MLSTL community and enjoy those cuddles with Patrick. xx

    Liked by 1 person

  10. You have had a wonderful month, Deb! I also enjoyed the self care, social media post and reread it again, just now. A timely post.

    Your chairs/beds at Tumbafest look very comfortable. Are they a specific brand?

    Congratulations, again, on your new grandson! I am thrilled for you (and for me:). I get it, on worrying about everyone. Lovely photos of the family! Dottie is a thriving little cutie! A wonderful post! #MLSTL and sharing SM

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Erica, it’s lovely to know we’re travelling this new road together! I must try to stop the worrying it doesn’t do me any good!!

      The chairs were a brand available at a major DIY shop so we may look into getting some for our yard.

      I love sharing family pics, when I’m allowed to, and I agree Dottie is such a little cutie pie who has won hearts the world over.
      Thanks so much for your comments and for visiting me regularly, it is much appreciated ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Hi Deb, you’ve had quite a bit of excitement and lots going on recently. As someone who lives on the other side of the world I really enjoy reading about the local plans and events. And, congrats on being a grandmother again! It’s one of the best and most cherished parts of my life. #MLSTL

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Hi Deb,
    Well, you’ve been jumping all over the place this month! First off, congrats on yet ANOTHER new grandchild, and so thankful that everyone is doing well and that you were able to be in the area for “the event.” And loved the pic of little Dottie and her dad – she’s really coming along, isn’t she. What a little fighter!
    Your focus on jump is awesome – even down to the Spotify songs. I haven’t ever chosen a WOTY, but your actions around it have given me pause to think about doing it. Maybe it will give me back some of my own focus.
    Loved hearing all about what you were up to last month – a busy one for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Nancy it was a bit like that during February, jumping around like a mad woman! Thanks for the congrats, and Dottie comment, she’s a little superstar! I enjoy having a WOTY to help me focus during the year, and I try to make it fun 🙂


  13. Whew, all of the jumping and leaping has me needing another vitamin!! You have been so busy but what a grand month, my friend. Congratulations on your new grand baby. I have 3 granddaughters but spread over 9 years. Being a grandmother is such a delight.

    Love the pic of your mum. How adorable she is. You favor her. Glad you were able to connect with so much family this month. And how fabulous that your adorable Dottie is off oxygen and doing well.

    Hopefully, the fires near your home have all subsided and life is beginning to return to whatever normalcy it can.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Leslie, I love having you visit as your comments always make me smile :). Yes I must admit I had a very busy month and loved welcoming our new grandson to the family. The fires are all out now and life is continuing on but with new threats like this virus spreading the world. All the best to you and I agree, being a grandmother is a delight!


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