Changing seasons 06 – winter is upon us

Winter is well and truly upon us down here in the land of Oz.

Despite the bareness of winter there is still beauty around us – a glossy green frond in the garden; the late afternoon sunshine through the trees; the view from the forest as opposed to the view of the forest; the shards of frost on the vines and fence posts; fluffy seed pods and the warmth of the bonfire in the paddock.

Here’s my gallery for this month’s changing seasons, as hosted by Cardinal Guzman. Enjoy!

Links to my previous months are below.  I’m enjoying capturing changes and looking for different ways of showing you my beautiful area.

Changing Seasons 01

Changing Seasons 02

Changing Seasons 03

Changing Seasons 04

Changing Seasons 05

Hopefully you are enjoying this project as much as I am! See you next month.

Deb 🙂

14 Replies to “Changing seasons 06 – winter is upon us”

    1. Thanks, I know the vineyard next door is very bare looking but that’s exactly what it looks like every time I drive down the driveway I think I should capture it – so I did the other morning! I couldn’t help but include my frost pics although the ‘rules’ say only new photos not used or archived ones. I’m a rule breaker as you know! Thanks 🙂

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