Disaster has struck my running regime!

Oh no!  Oh yes!  Disaster indeed 😦

My right calf had been sore for a few days and when I went out for my morning run on Thursday I just couldn’t get going and ended up limping home.  I tried to stretch and this helped for a while but it just continued aching. I’m not an expert in muscle injuries and didn’t really know what to do next. I’m fortunate in that I haven’t had any muscle injuries so far.

I had a massage on Saturday morning which was good and I haven’t run or walked too much since it happened.  I am now back home after a week away with my parents and have made contact with someone who is giving me running advice.  I’ve been told to rest it for a few more days before going out for a slow, flat (no hills) run, stretch it out and to massage some gel into it regularly.

I am very upset with myself as I didn’t take my proper running shoes when I went away for the week and used my older lighter shoes that don’t give as much support as I’ve become used to.  I blame myself entirely. I have a 5km run in a few weeks time so I am hoping it’s just a niggle and will respond to the rest.

I was having a great time up until this setback, as I was running well, getting faster (slowly) and going the distance – no walking intervals at all just running for the whole 5km. I really felt like a runner with my hair flying out behind me and the wind in my face.

As I was away from home I had to find a new running route and decided running around the hockey fields was a good idea. The weather was amazing while I was away from my cold climate and I relished the change.  I was surprised to find the grass on the hockey field so dewy.  Here’s me following the tracks.

I will recover!

Deb 🙂

19 Replies to “Disaster has struck my running regime!”

  1. I know exactly what you mean, it is so frustrating! I was doing really well with my running, but my knee has been bothering me and making it difficult. You gave me a good idea though, I have a gift card for a massage I think I will try it!

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  2. You will get through this. I sprained my ankle about three weeks ago after an 11 mile race and I felt like my world was over. fast forward two weeks I have ran 10 km today and I am feeling good.. so.. baby steps, you’ll be ok!

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    1. Thanks for the message. I’m taking it easy and hope to be up and at ’em in a few days. I’m glad to hear that your recovery has gone well and you are running again.


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