April Awesomeness in a Sentence a Day

April – in a Sentence a Day

April 2018

April in Tumbarumba is a beautiful time – as evidenced by my autumn spam on my social media – I just love it so much!! Here’s just a few of my favourites.

Our three month trip to see our daughter in the UK and to catch up with friends all over Europe, is getting closer every day and by the time you read this (in early May) we should be just about on our way.  And that means the Annual Blogger’s Bash is on very soon too, on May 19th – I was nominated in the Hidden Gem category so I’m thrilled to be attending the awards with my blogging daughter.  Voting has now closed.

I must admit to having a few ‘moments’ in the lead up to our trip and I wrote about them in this post – Time for another adventure and the guilt set in – I’m feeling better after getting it out of my system!

Read on for more April Awesomeness:

  1. Sunday: I helped out as a support person for the Easter Feast of Cycling group that was in town – it was a beautiful autumn day and great fun!
  2. Monday: I went for a walk/run and then we drove to the Sir George pub in Jugiong (1.5hrs away) for lunch with our daughter and son-in-law.
  3. Tuesday: An early morning walk before a beauty treatment.
  4. Wednesday: My daughter felt the baby move for the first time – so exciting!
  5. Thursday: A day of helping a friend with some computer issues and a walk.
  6. Friday: The Annual Blogger’s Bash Awards nominations announced and voting opened – I’m nominated in the Hidden Gem category and and am very honoured to be in such elite company! I posted this fun read about my first grandbaby 🙂
  7. Saturday: Social Saturday bike ride followed by a film crew interviewing us about the Rail Trail, which is to be started soon. Dinner and a movie with friends.
  8. Sunday: I had the most divine massage today! Finally finished and published the hardest post I’ve ever written – What I’ve learnt from surviving a school trip that went terribly wrong
  9. Monday: Discussion group over lunch then book-club at my house that evening – I had a busy day!
  10. Tuesday: A quiet day at home.
  11. Wednesday: A morning in town, morning tea with friends and a relaxing afternoon walk – I love being retired 🙂 
  12. Thursday: An eye appointment in Wagga Wagga (3 hour round trip) then drove to Canberra (3 hours) for night with our daughter and son-in-law.
  13. Friday: Drove to my parents-in-law’s place and collected my sister-in-law from train for the weekend.
  14. Saturday: Our niece’s 18th birthday – it was a small gathering at a winery with wine tasting and a delicious lunch.
  15. Sunday: Drove home (5 hours) into a wet cold afternoon. We badly need the rain as our tanks are almost empty.
  16. Monday: I had my Whooping cough/Tetanus/Diphtheria injection in readiness for our trip away and the baby due in September. I don’t like needles much but it’s worth it!
  17. Tuesday: Cleaned the house in preparation of my mother’s visit tomorrow with my Aunt from UK.
  18. Wednesday: Collect mum and Aunty Carol from Wagga airport and drive them home.
  19. Thursday: A fun day showing our visitors around our beautiful local area – Sugar Pine Walk, Pilot Hill, Paddy’s River Falls, Nest Cinema Cafe, Mannus Lake – and the weather was once again superb.
  20. Friday: A road trip around the Snowy Mountains with our visitors – Khancoban, Scammel’s lookout to view the main range, the Snowy Hydro power plants,  Corryong – the Man from Snowy River town – all great places to visit.
  21. Saturday: Saturday morning social catch up with friends, then a late lunch at our favourite local vineyard.
  22. Sunday: Up early and a slow meandering drive to Melbourne taking in some of the interesting towns along the way – Holbrook, the submarine town; Beechworth; Milawa – all busy with tourists out enjoying the warm weather just like us.
  23. Monday: A lovely day in Melbourne started with a run around the streets of Kew,  and a special birthday dinner for my brother-in-law’s special birthday that night.
My sister and her husband on his birthday
My sister and her husband on his birthday
  • Tuesday:  Drive home from Melbourne after a work out with my sister at her local gym – it was hard work!
  • Wednesday: ANZAC Day and dinner with visiting friends – another glorious day.
  • Thursday: A day at home to organise travel plans and start the process of packing, followed by Movie Club for dinner and a surprise movie.
  • Friday: Dinner out with friends, always great to hear what’s been going on.
  • Saturday: A delightful relaxing social catch up with friends over coffee in the warm sunshine, a walk and then a concert by a talented group, The Mae Trio.
  • Sunday: A lovely early morning walk up the hill overlooking town, followed by a superb and well deserved massage.  A relaxing day, packing and getting organised.
  • Monday: Our Discussion group met at my place for lunch today and this next chapter was all about Recipes and Reviews.  I’ll be writing a summary post very soon.
  • Well that was April! I’m now packed, the house-sitter is organised and I’m almost ready to go!

    Bring on May, June and July 🙂

    Once again, I’m linking up with other bloggers from all over the world who also compile their month in a Sentence a Day.

    I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to in April – leave me a message below 🙂

    Deb xx

    April in a sentence a day
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    Nominated in Hidden Gem award for 2018 Bloggers Bash awards

    38 Replies to “April Awesomeness in a Sentence a Day”

    1. It is so exciting when the baby moves for the first time Deb isn’t it? Congratulations on your nomination and it is very exciting. You will be in countdown mode now for your trip! Enjoy xx

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I love reading about life in Australia with a different season. Congrats on the blog nomination, and on the grand baby. It was good to have links to your other posts too.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Many thanks for reading and leaving a comment 😊 it’s also weird seeing spring shots when it’s autumn here, so I know what you mean! Thanks for the congrats too, I’m chuffed to be in such good company with the nomination but the grand baby takes the cake!!


    3. Your photos are gorgeous, Deb! And your upcoming trip sounds absolutely fabulous! So looking forward to following along virtually with you, particularly if you continue to include such wonderful photography.

      And it always makes me smile to read the flip of what is happening seasonally there compared to here in the northern hemisphere of the USA. Spring here, fall there . . . it’s all good!

      Liked by 1 person

    4. Your photos are gorgeous, Deb! And your upcoming trip sounds absolutely fabulous! So looking forward to following along virtually with you, particularly if you continue to include such wonderful photography.

      And it always makes me smile to read the flip of what is happening seasonally there compared to here in the northern hemisphere of the USA. Spring here, fall there . . . it’s all good!!

      Liked by 1 person

    5. Remind me again — you feared that you would be bored in retirement? Thank you for sharing this dynamic slice of your life. Enjoy your upcoming trip and Bloggers Bash. I am totally jealous!

      Liked by 1 person

    6. Let me get this right you are nominated in the Hidden Gem category, so am I. You are coming to the Bash, so am I , so looking forward to meeting you and your daughter. Love reading your monthly blog. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

    7. I had gone on the site to vote for a couple blogs that I knew were in the running and ran across your nomination so you also got a vote. You had a busy month. Your pictures are beautiful. I think we sometimes forget all of the wonderful places at home there is to visit until company comes. Have a great week.

      Liked by 1 person

    8. I haven’t seen the ‘month in a sentence’ type post before, so it was really fun and interesting to read and learn a bit about you. Your life is full and enjoyable for sure! Thanks for sharing, and I’ll be looking forward to the month of May 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    9. Deb, your photography is just lovely. It seems everyone featured beautiful photos for April. Can’t believe how far you have to drive to the eye doctor, for example. Bless your heart. I need not complain about driving 20 minutes to Target!

      I am shaking after reading your “What I’ve Learned From Surviving a School Trip” post. Just sitting here shaking my head and thinking how terrifying and painful that night was and its memory continues to be. Bless your sweet heart. We just had a similar accident in my former school district where two adults died in the crash and a bus full of teenagers were stranded in the middle of nowhere.

      Yay for massages. I think my Prince and I are overdue!

      Liked by 1 person

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