Black and White Challenge #2

Pine cones are abundant in the pine forest near our house.  Apparently the cockatoos eat bits out of them and then discard them on the ground. I love their intricacies and patterns.

This is my day 2 photo for the 5 days of black and white photo challenge and was taken on my iphone and edited using Instagram. Terri at the beespeak nominated me for this challenge and I appreciate the thought,  It’s always good to extend yourself, as normally I love colour – in everything – so black and white is really quite a challenge. Here’s my Day 1 photo in case you missed it.

It’s always interesting seeing things in monochrome – they always seem to  look more intriguing somehow.

Pine cone
Pine cone

As an aside – my daughter is getting married later in the year 🙂 and in the name of research I helped out at a friend’s wedding the other day.  It was an outside wedding under some lovely shady trees and they had used pine cones to make an aisle for the bride to walk down and it looked beautiful!

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