Railway sheds along the Central Otago Rail Trail

A recent trip to New Zealand was fantastic for many reasons – the views, the countryside, the people, the cycling and the fun of being away on holiday with good friends!

I also enjoyed taking photos of the many rail sheds and signs along the way as we cycled the Otago Rail Trail from Clyde to Middlemarch.  Here’s a collection of just some of my favourites.

You might notice I’ve also included the Glenorchy shed which wasn’t on the Otago rail trail but was a very interesting shed well worth being included!

The gangers huts along the way were usually full of information and maps of the area we were cycling through, the history, the environment and what to expect in the next section.  A great way to share the history using the original sheds.

We were very impressed with the work done to promote the Rail Trail and the way history was being kept alive.  Well done to all involved in setting up and maintaining the rail trail.  We can see it has made a difference to many small towns which might otherwise have died and disappeared.

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Vanish – a poem I found while cycling

Magic rocks 


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  1. Those old stations have so much character. Even the signs. Great shots Deb.

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  2. Oh, I would like a shed like one of those!

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  3. That looks like a really interesting bike ride.

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  4. What a great collection of memories x

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  5. I love the names! I live on the Clyde, Lauder is in the Scottish Borders – and I thought Middlemarch only existed in fiction.

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  6. Wonderful photos. Looks like it was an amazing bike ride!

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